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Kitchen and Bath Decor Houston, TX Memorial Day Sale

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We are a proud family-owned and operated kitchen remodeling company with over twenty-five years of experience under our tool belt.”

— Celeste Haddad

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Announcement Of Memorial Day Sale

Houston Home Remodeling Company Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston Announces

Memorial Day Sale Of Up To 45% Off On All Its Remodeling Services.

For more than seven percent of Americans who are veterans, Memorial Day has a very sacred significance. Memorial Day is a day to remember the men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston is a family-owned and operated home remodeling company with twenty-five years of experience under its tool belt. The company has announced a Memorial Day Sale of up to 45% off on all its remodeling services. Veterans and Military Personnel can get an extra 10% off during the sale. Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston works closely with each of their clients to provide a home remodeling experience with as little disruption as possible.

Summers Are Great For Home Remodeling Projects
Memorial Day is also considered the unofficial beginning of summer in the United States. Favorable weather conditions and long hours of daylight are just some of the reasons why a summer home renovation in Houston makes a lot of sense. A home remodeling project is not something that can be rushed or completed in a day or two.
Bright, sunny Texan days can fill homes in Houston with an abundance of light, which can be influential in helping homeowners select cabinetry, countertop material, flooring, lighting, and wall colors. As life is slow during summer, homeowners can take some time off from their busy schedule to meet with designers, builders, and contractors at Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston.

Top Reasons To Remodel Your Home

A Lifestyle Upgrade
Remodeling a house into an ideal home is a very personal process. When design is based on a homeowner’s needs, wishes, and lifestyle, the home can improve the daily interactions between family members and help them create the future they want for their lives. In this day and age, families have to work, live, sleep, eat, relax, and maybe even educate their children all in the same place. Homes have now acquired a new meaning. Besides form and function, KBD Houston focuses on flow too. Flow can be referred to as the actual use of space and the dynamics of its residents. It’s important to visualize how people will move about and use a space. A few design elements that impact the visual flow of a home are paint colors and overall color schemes, furniture styles, and flooring.

An Environment-friendly Boost
Demolition has an immense impact on the environment due to material waste. A home remodel allows homeowners to reuse a lot of materials in their homes that are already in place. Older homes may be full of character, but they leak warmth, requiring more heating. Newer appliances and building materials will ultimately reduce utility bills thanks to their energy efficiency. One easy way to make sure that appliances are sustainable is to use Energy Star products. There are even incentives offered by local, state and federal authorities for going green. Windows, doors, roofing, insulation, and HVAC are all items of a home remodel that are subject to tax credits. Local utility providers in Houston sometimes offer rebates too.

Enhancing Comfort
The fundamental reason why one needs to consider a home remodeling project is to increase the comfort of their family. A constricted house does not provide much room for furniture and space to move around. A small and crowded kitchen makes cooking and dining unenjoyable, and a single bathroom does not make for a feeling of comfort. Adding more room to a home frees one from all of these restrictions and even adds aesthetic value to the home. Houston home owners who have growing families can now give their little ones the space that they can call their own. Extra space can be designated to entertain guests or even host parties for family and friends. Prospective home buyers look for spacious homes, meaning a home remodel can potentially help homeowners get a lot of value from their homes should they choose to sell them in the future.

When Homes Show Signs Of Wear And Tear
There comes a time when it becomes imperative to remodel a home. Homes begin to wear down, even under the best care. Living in an outdated home can bring one no joy. When the walls have started to develop cracks, the bathroom tiles leak and the flooring has seen better days, it’s an indication to consider remodeling. The design team at Kitchen And Bath Decor And More In Houston manages the entire design process from concept through to completion; ensuring the seamless delivery of a home remodeling project on time and within budget.

Kitchen And Bath Decor Houston – A Houston Family’s Commitment To Remodeling Excellence
KBD Houston is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its business this year. While announcing the Memorial Day sale, Celeste Haddad, the company representative thanked the staff and customers who have helped the company reach the major milestone. Mrs. Haddad further added that “Family-owned businesses in the country are modern, proactive, diverse, and up for new challenges”. She laid great emphasis on the fact that family-controlled businesses are more loyal to their employees and even in times of financial upheaval, these companies are less likely to start laying people off. With a smile, she concluded, “Women play a greater role in family-controlled business leadership”.

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