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LisN Achieves Over 50K Users within 48 Hours of Web Launch, and now launching on Google Play Store

What will you LisN too?

LisN and hear the voice of the voiceless!

What will you LisN too?

LisN and hear the voice of the voiceless!

Come LisN to what everyone is tuning in for!

LisN rockets to 50K users in 48 hrs, and debuts on Google Play Store. Amplify your voice, and explore diverse content.

LisN’s rapid growth is a testament to our commitment: empowering voices, fostering connections, and making a meaningful impact. I am humbled by the realization so many people want to be heard on LisN!”

— Llewellyn Christian – Founder & CEO

CA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bay Area, California – LisN, a platform facilitating human connections, celebrates a significant milestone, surpassing 50,000 users within 48 hours of its launch. LisN’s availability on the Google Play Store widens its accessibility to a broader audience.

Founder and CEO Llewellyn reflects on LisN’s reception, highlighting its capacity to foster connections and enable self-expression. “The response demonstrates LisN’s ability to empower individuals,” Llewellyn remarks.

Notable user stories, such as that of Allie Goodwin, a Princeton college softball player, exemplify LisN’s role in sharing experiences and fostering a sense of community.

Anya Khan’s comedy found an audience on LisN, revealing the platform’s diverse appeal for creative expression.

LisN’s recent expansion includes licensed music and classic TV shows, enhancing user experience with a diverse range of content.

This expansion reflects LisN’s commitment to delivering quality content, positioning itself uniquely in the interactive platform space.

The achievement of 50,000 users within 48 hours and LisN’s debut on the Google Play Store mark progress towards amplifying voices and fostering inclusivity.

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About LisN:
LisN is an innovative platform designed to facilitate meaningful connections and empower self-expression within a vibrant community.

Llewellyn Christian
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What will U LisN too?


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