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Los Angeles Actress and Coach Pamela Heffler joins the 4th Annual EMPOWEROGRAPHY LIVE 2024 WOMEN’S ONLINE CONFERENCE


Los Angeles based Actress, Dancer, Spiritual Life and Embodiment Coach Pamela Heffler joins the 4th Annual EMPOWEROGRAPHY LIVE 2024 WOMEN’S ONLINE CONFERENCE

The 4th Annual EMPOWEROGRAPHY LIVE 2024 WOMEN’S ONLINE CONFERENCE adds film and television actress (credited on NBC’s Heartbeat, NBC’s Love Bites, the Danny Glover feature film The Shift, among others), and leading embodiment expert Pamela Heffler to the line-up. The virtual conference, featuring exceptional women with an empowering message, takes place on Friday March 8th, 2024, International Women’s Day, on Zoom from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm EST Tickets are available online at https://www.empowerographypodcast.com/events.

The theme of the conference is “BE HEARD, STAND OUT & RISE UP – Giving A Voice to Social Justice Through Advocacy, Awareness & Action.” There will be 29 women speaking at the conference about five different topics, including:

PANEL 1: Breast Friends: Uniting for Awareness and Action

PANEL 2: Whispers to Shouts: Raising Voices Against Domestic Violence

PANEL 3: Trading Shadows: A Panel on the Unseen Impact of Human/Sex Trafficking

PANEL 4: Mind Matters – Illuminating the Significance of Mental Well Being

PANEL 5: Mirror, Mirror: Reflections on Self-Love and Empowerment

Pamela Heffler is one of the featured speakers on PANEL 5. She will be sharing her personal journey from self-doubt to Self-love and Self-Empowerment. With over 25 years’ experience as an actress and dancer in film, television, and theater, Heffler has deep insight and extensive experience grappling with these subjects. Her own path as a professional dancer led her to confront her own beliefs around perfectionism.

In her own words, “Trying to be perfect is poison to the soul of the artist and human. When we accept and celebrate our own unique qualities and seeming imperfections, we can be free to live our lives fully expressed, fully Self-empowered and centered around Self-love.”

Out of this passionate stance she created her signature embodiment coaching program DANCE YOUR LIFE and now works as a Spiritual Life and Embodiment coach serving clients and facilitating groups on a global platform.

Her motto is, “It’s never too late to live the life of your dreams.”

She is currently in pre-production for her own film to star in called “Dancing Home.”.

For acting, she is represented by The Happen Agency and Debra Manners Talent.

Pamela also teaches dance and offers one-on-one sessions for clients as well as launching her Women’s Wisdom Group: AWAKEN.

She is currently offering complimentary Embodied Wisdom Breakthrough Sessions.

Visit www.danceyourlifewithpam.com for more information.


About Pamela

Pamela Heffler has 25+ years’ experience as a performing artist, actress and dancer. Her work as a dance teacher and transformational life coach, informs all her creative endeavors— powerfully inspiring, uplifting, awakening and bringing healing to her audience, clients and fellow artists.

She is best known for doing powerful heart-centered roles that inspire and touch people’s lives. Particularly passionate about telling stories of social impact, she recently had a supporting role in a film as the mother of an autistic child to raise awareness about neurodiversity and the power of music to heal, performed in “Letters from Ukraine,” an evening of provocative monologues from those deeply affected during the first days of the war in Ukraine, and is currently in pre-production for her own film she wrote and will star in that deals with the challenges of caring for a senior parent who has dementia and the dilemma of the statistically high incident of teen homelessness.

As a Spiritual Life and Embodiment coach, and creator of “Dance Your Life,” a powerful movement journey for women, Pamela offers a safe space for her clients and students to release limiting beliefs and stories, find their unique voices, live their passions, awaken to their Truth and purpose so they can ultimately tap into their joy, freedom, personal power, and deepen their capacity to create the life of their dreams.

About Empowerography

EMPOWEROGRAPHY LIVE is founded and hosted by Brad Walsh, a Professional

Photographer who found himself wanting to inspire others during the pandemic. He birthed the

idea of EMPOWEROGRAPHY as a platform to highlight strong, inspired, and dynamic women

to share their stories of success, triumph, resilience and transformation. He is excited to share

this platform with you and continue to EMPOWER, ELEVATE and EDUCATE by amplifying women’s voices.


Empowerography Live Tickets: Events | Empowerography (www.empowerographypodcast.com)

Pam’s website: www.danceyourlifewithpam.com

Instagram: Pamela Heffler (@pamelaheffler) • Instagram photos and videos


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