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Mad Mind Studios Perks Up OffWorld Coffee’s Branding, Packaging, and Web Design with Amazing Results

OffWorld Coffee Logo

OffWorld Coffee Packaging

OffWorld Coffee Packaging

Mad Mind Studios - Los Angeles Web Design Company

Mad Mind Studios – Los Angeles Web Design Company

Mad Mind Studios Perks Up OffWorld Coffee’s Branding, Packaging, and Web Design with Amazing Results

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATED, April 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mad Mind Studios, a leading Los Angeles-based marketing, branding, and design agency, recently reinvented OffWorld Coffee’s look and feel. In keeping with MMS’ successful track record in branding and rebranding, raving results are already beginning to pour in.

“This the story of a great and unique product that needed a branding boost,” stated Omid Mousaei, CEO of Mad Mind Studios. “OffWorld Coffee has amazing coffee with a unique twist. But when the essence of a brand isn’t successfully captured on the logo and in the packaging, no one is going to try it. That’s where Mad Mind Studios comes in. Our team consists of some of the most brilliant and talented experts in the industry who work together to bring brands to life in projects like OffWorld Coffee which now has a brand with a personality as revolutionary and unique as their coffee is.”

“The changes on the packaging are incredible,” one consumer remarked. “I love the little alien mascot.”

OffWorld’s Out of This World Coffee Experience

OffWorld Coffee takes coffee to the next level. Designed with a fast-paced society in mind, the creatively crafted no-scoop, no-brew instant coffee is incredibly portable – so concentrated it calls for one mere teaspoon for a full cup of joe.

Boasting three highly imaginative signature selections, all of the coffees begin with a base of rich roasted coffee beans which are brewed and infused with premium Hibiscus tea in a meticulous, flavor-enhancing process. Ultra is a sweet and fruity option that adds a splash of pineapple to the mix. Limitless brings a dabble of apple and Dark Venus has a hint of watermelon.

Unlike most traditional coffee, OffWorld Coffee is nutritious – overflowing with antioxidants. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, mixed in water or in milk, and due to its lightweight, compact container and concentrated formulation, it is ideal for those on the go. It’s also eco-friendly.

But, as extraordinary and delicious as OffWorld Coffee is, it became obvious to the company owners that their brand wasn’t getting the attention it deserves. So, they turned to Omid and the creative crew at Mad Mind Studios.

The Mad Mind Process

After examining what was and wasn’t working for OffWorld Coffee, the Mad Mind Studios experts decided that the brand needed significant changes – an entire facelift.

“The rebranding process involved renovating the logo from a simple bean logo design to a creative alien logo that’s ready to share a cup of coffee and the secrets of the universe with consumers,” explained Mad Mind Studios’ Senior Graphic Designer, Angela Bauer. “With our creative touches and expertise, the brand came to life and blasted off. We had a lot of fun working with OffWorld Coffee. That’s what it’s all about at Mad Mind Studios. We are passionate about what we do and it shows.”

Angela and the MMS team captured the company’s “out of sight”, slightly quirky vision by revamping the visuals like the logo, colors, and typography of the brand.

The transformed design was implemented onto the product packaging. Then the web design team revised the company website and in collaboration with the content writers and digital marketing team, took the new image consistently across the board to all ads, social media platforms, and anywhere else the brand is seen.

“We are very pleased with the final product,” Omid commented. “And most importantly, OffWorld Coffee is thrilled with it as well.”

MMS: An All Inclusive Branding and Marketing Agency

Mad Mind Studios’ roots stem back to 2006 when the company started to provide branding, web design, and SEO services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Today, Mad Mind Studios is a thriving full-service marketing agency and Los Angeles Web Design Company that takes projects from concept to completion. With a talented team consisting of graphic designers, website designers, developers, content creators, and marketing experts who are passionate about what they do, Mad Mind Studios has a long list of clients and a portfolio that includes Sony Music, Netflix, Nevera Juice Bar, Kickback, Powers Crunch, Rich Chicks, Boba Nation, Zuma Nutrition, Happiest Ours, and many more.

Constantly evolving, Mad Mind Studios is committed to exceptional product branding and design, website development, and digital marketing. They also specialize in creative written content, outstanding graphics and visuals, expert SEO services, social media, and off-page marketing.
Areas of expertise include specialized logo and web design services for dentists, healthcare, law firms, fitness centers, food and beverage businesses, fashion, entertainment, construction, CBD products, real estate, and corporate entities. Services encompass WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Custom Design, and Website Redesign.
They recently expanded their web design, digital marketing, branding, and SEO services to clients in Riverside, Long Beach, Glendale, Palmdale, Pomona, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Santa Clarita, and West Los Angeles.

Spectacular Services Recognized

MMS has been formally recognized many times for its outstanding services. The agency recently earned a top spot on 10 Best Design – an online resource site that showcases exceptional talent in digital marketing. MMS was praised for its premier product branding, web design and development, and advertising.

Packaging of the World (POTW), a website that features outstanding packaging companies from all over the world, awarded MMS with top honors for their superb food and beverage packaging designs. Kickback Limited Addition Bored Ape Blueberry, Kickback Mellow Mango, Lemony Lemon, and Strawberry Sunshine, Kickback CBD Ground Coffee, Nevera Juice Bar, and Zuma were singled out for their dynamic designs.
In addition, Mad Mind Studios’ work has also been featured on Men’s Health, Medium, MSN, Parade, Los Angeles Times, and more.

Find Out More About Mad Mind Studios

If you, like the OffWorld Coffee company, are looking for impressive product packaging, web development, and/or digital marketing services that are second to none, be sure to check out Mad Mind Studios to find out firsthand what their talented team can do for you.

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Mad Mind Studios
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