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Mark Universe Hailed as Top 10 Christian Rapper for his Unrelenting Depth and Passion

Universe is also the founder of Own Heir Music, a proclaimed label by artists for artists.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mark Universe is pleased to announce he has earned a spot as a top 10 Christian rapper on the notable site, ratingsgamemusic.com, for his undeniable depth and passion as a music artist.

Daemar Montrez Williams, better known by his stage name, M.A.R.K Universe, is an faith-based American songwriter, recording artist, and producer from Mobile, Alabama. The founder of his own record label, Own Heir Music LLC in 2012, Daemar’s career has seen him emerge as a noted figure within the Alabama Hip Hop scene and he is renowned for his vast fresh perspective and ability to express his unique point of view from his walk of life.

In his most recent news, Daemar was recently proclaimed as one of the top 10 Christian rappers of his generation by ratingsgamemusic.com. According to the website, Daemar ‘is an artist that’s versatile in style, but remains strong in his core faith.’

“God is one of my ultimate influences in all that I do, not just in my music,” Daemar says. “To be nominated for staying true to myself while navigating the rap scene is very humbling to say the least, and I am incredibly grateful. I’ve lost four people who were very close to me to gun violence, but by God’s grace I survived a dark path. My biggest inspiration is to help the next generation avoid the pitfalls of life that is often boasted about in modern music.”

Having a lifelong interest in music, Daemar cites Outkast and Hot Boyz as major influencers on developing his early love of rap that began at the age of six. Raised principally in Alabama, Daemar’s family also moved a number of times when he was young, allowing him to experience life growing up in New York and California, in addition to Alabama, and Daemar has cited the diversity of this experience as a key influence on his early interest in music and art.

At 14, Daemar began rapping, first by himself, before joining a number of Mobile-local acts, including Million Dollar Team, and Straight Loaded. Daemar grew a strong reputation in Mobile and Huntsville during his years performing there, but ultimately felt the desire to move to a bigger market to engage in new challenges, in addition to growing his career before a new audience.

Moving to Atlanta in August of 2006, Daemar began work on his first professional project, Ima Superstar. The five track EP was well received among the Atlanta rap scene, with particular praise given to the humour and quirky style of its lead track, Box of Chicken.

“In 2007, I developed the Mark Universe stage name,” Daemar states. “MARK, an acronym for Made A Righteous King, and the use of Universe, intended to signify one verse, the combination of the two names is an ongoing source of inspiration to me – and of the possibility and potential for all other artists around me, too.”

Of the albums released across Daemar’s career, his 2017 LP, Tomorrow Starts Today, was especially significant. Hailed as evidencing a new level of skill and depth by the impassioned rapper, Tomorrow Starts Today also served as a springboard for Daemar to reach a new level. In the same year, Daemar placed as a finalist within the IGNITE URBAN National Finals, enabling him to be recognized as one of the United States’ most exciting emerging rappers.

Having had millions of streams throughout his career, Daemar’s label has been increasingly sought after by local artists seeking to build their own music, and understanding of how to build a successful music career in the digital era.

For more information about Mark Universe, please visit www.markuniverse.com.

About Own Heir Music LLC

Entertainment media content company, Own Heir Music, was founded in 2012 by Daemar Montrez Williams, aka Mark Universe, with a goal to provide a label ‘by artists, for artists.’ Daemar’s mission for starting the music label was to also serve as a platform for collaboration between Daemar and artists he admired. Alongside Daemar’s works, Own Heir has notably been associated with graphic artist and rapper, Rico Knight.

Own Heir has earned had millions of streams, while Mark Universe has been described as a promising artist on Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart.

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Own Heir Music LLC

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