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New York Kids Runway Launches First Audition Event Ahead of December Show

Models at a previous event by the same organizer.

The new bi-annual event is looking to cast a diverse group of child models to highlight and support designers from around the world.

From the auditions, the training, to meeting the designers and walking on the runway, it has been such an amazing experience.”

— Alison Wesibrod

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — New York Kids Runway (NYKR), a new kids’ fashion show, is preparing for its launch by hosting a debut casting event for child models on November 4th at Gibney Studio in Manhattan. A bi-annual extravaganza, New York Kids Runway not only provides a dream stage for kids to showcase their talents, but also serves as a prominent platform for leading kids’ fashion designers from around the world to shine. This new event is led by a team with global experience, including Toronto Kids Fashion Week, who are now bringing their focus on kids’ style to the world’s fashion capital in an exciting new way. The first show takes place on December 2nd at Manhattan’s Léman Ballroom.

NYKR is not just a runway; it’s a canvas for the world’s leading designers in kids’ fashion to paint the future of children’s couture. These visionary designers will unveil their latest collections, setting the stage for a redefinition of children’s fashion. The designers’ creations will empower young trendsetters and set new trends that resonate with today’s youth. Just as designers shape culture, NYKR models walk with a mission to empower and encapsulate the essence of confidence and self-expression.

New York Kids Runway is proud to feature over ten leading kids’ designers around the world, including the US, Canada, UK, and Spain. These Little Creative Factory, Princess Daliana, Javeda Baby, Moka Collections, and Diana Couture, among others. These designers are not just industry leaders, but trailblazers of the kids’ fashion world. Each designer brings a unique perspective, style, and creativity to the stage.

Every child is unique and has their own special qualities to bring to the runway. The goal of New York Kids Runway is to highlight a diverse range of children’s fashion styles, and kids of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged apply for auditions. Children between the ages of 3 and 18 are eligible to apply, and prior modeling experience is not required but is a plus. NYKR welcomes children with a passion for fashion and a desire to learn more about the industry. During the casting process, each child will have the opportunity to impress a panel of judges and casting directors with their appearance, confidence, and ability to take direction.

“From the auditions, the training, to meeting the designers and walking on the runway, it has been such an amazing experience,” said Allison Wesibrod, a participant in the organizer’s Toronto Kids Fashion Week event. “It has empowered me as a girl because of the supportive and encouraging environment, and how it increased my confidence as a teenager.”

If cast, models will work closely with a dedicated team ahead of the event to ensure they are comfortable and set up for success, including designers, stylists, and photographers to prepare for the fashion show. This includes training on how to walk and pose on the runway, fittings for their outfits, hair and makeup support, and rehearsals before the actual event.

“My favorite part about coaching is seeing the girls’ transition. Really seeing their confidence come out as I critique a pose or runway move,” said Kim Noseworthy, a modelling coach who has worked with the organizers on previous kids modelling events. “Like in real life, these are things that we work on. We work on our confidence, getting rejected, and picking ourselves back up. So being a coach for young girls, it’s especially rewarding for me to watch them blossom, to watch their confidence grow, and to see them really shine out there.”

Whether you’re experienced or thinking about trying something new, New York Kids Runway is the place for all models. The upcoming model casting takes place on November 4th at Gibney Studio in Manhattan. To learn more and register for the casting process, please visit our website here.


About New York Kids Runway

New York Kids Runway is an exciting bi-annual event dedicated to showcasing children’s fashion, empowering young models, and celebrating creativity in the heart of New York City. The immersive environment fostered by New York Kids Runway serves as a catalyst for media engagement, retail dynamism, and global outreach, amplifying models’ profiles and designers’ international presence through an exceptional and engaging event.

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