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Omar Al-Sayed Omar Reinvigorates Wildlife Photography by Capturing Impossible Moments

Omar Al-sayed Omar in action

Dalmation pelican

Dalmation pelican photo

Kuwaiti photographer Omar AlSayed Omar takes rare photos of nature’s dazzling enchantments

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Kuwaiti photographer Omar AlSayed Omar takes rare photos of the pelican, which is classified among the endangered birds, according to the World Conservation Organization. The bird documentary trip began from Boubyan Island in Kuwait, where the pelican was spotted for the first time, and Omar flew to the bird’s hometown in Kerkini Lake, Greece todocument one of the largest living flying bird species. He said, “I have managed to take some shots of Dalmatian pelicans during the breeding season in which their beak skin changed to red for male and orange for the female.” (245 to 351 cm in wingspan and up to 180 cm in length)

Wildlife and nature photography have been gaining popularity in recent years, with more people becoming interested in capturing images of the natural world. This can be seen through the boom of social media platforms like Instagram, which have become popular among photographers and nature enthusiasts who share their work online.

Additionally, the rise of ecotourism and the increasing awareness of conservation issues have contributed to the growing trend in wildlife photography. Many are interested in capturing images of rare and endangered species, as well as the beauty of natural landscapes to promote awareness of conservation efforts. However, it takes more than a few pictures for pros to be satisfied with their job. Considered among the best, Omar Al-Sayed Omar has taken wildlife and nature photography to the next level.

Omar Al-Sayed Omar is one of the well-known names from Kuwait when it comes to skilled nature photography. A Telecom engineer by profession, Omar is a member of the board of directors of the Environment Lens team in Kuwait. Some of his works have been published in National Geographic magazine as well as in notable websites.

An artistic content creator, Omar showcases various types of photo content for a range of pursuits – capturing inspired imagery of landscape, wildlife and nature. He is committed to memorializing significant moments to be treasured for a lifetime through a creative lens.

Photographing wildlife often requires long hours of observation to capture the perfect shot. Omar has perseverance to land the shot, with a deep appreciation for the natural world.

Omar Al-Sayed Omar has a creative eye for visually stunning images. He is able to see the wonder of the natural world and translate it into compelling photographs. With a clear understanding of the raw environment, including the behavior of the animals, he anticipates their movements and actions.

Nature is unpredictable, and the perfect shot may not always present itself. Omar is highly adaptable and able to adjust to changing circumstances, whether shifting light conditions, changes in weather, or the movement of animals. He always prioritizes the welfare of the animals and never puts the environment at risk for the sake of a photograph, respecting the natural zones and its inhabitants.

Omar Al-Sayed Omar is also a social media influencer whose incredible collection of work makes him a notable face in the digital domain. As an artistic content creator and a brand strategist, it’s no secret that content in the form of photos has become the most popular choice for consumption today.

For Omar Al-Sayed Omar, the essence of photography lies within the beauty of capturing the lifetime moments. His work ranges from small internet shoots to branding campaigns. Each project is designed and executed to creatively attain his clients’ goals, while engaging with their target audience.

Omar Al-Sayed Omar is among the growing crop of independent photographers who have signaled seismic changes in the entertainment industry. His heart pounding and emotionally driven photographs serve as the icebreaker among his fans and supporters.

His content is tailored to represent a very recognisable and particular aesthetic. All of his hashtags target only people who are drawn to a certain theme. “Those are the ones likely to stick around and click ‘follow’,” says Omar.

Take a look at his Instagram handle where he has more than 118K followers and treat yourself to some daily dose of adventures. On social media, he shares tips on photography skills, funny videos, and shares entertaining reels from his personal life.


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