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Support for the Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP) from Synergize and IAM

Join Synergize community and support the Carmel Youth Assistance Program

Synergize meetups

Synergize meetups

At its latest 4:30 Meetup on March 28, Synergize members raised funds and support for the Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP).

Kids need positive, adult-led activities that will enrich their lives. Let’s help them get it.”

— Melissa Yarger, Early Intervention Advocate with CYAP

CARMEL, INDIANA, USA, April 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Founded in 2015, CYAP is an office of the Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program. The overarching organization also includes youth assistance programs in Fishers, Hamilton Heights, Noblesville, Sheridan, and Westfield. Working in collaboration with school, city, and county programs, CYAP coordinates referrals of resources to students in need. These resources include tutoring, mental health support, and food and clothing assistance, among many others. CYAP also facilitates a mentorship program, where Carmel residents offer life-changing relationships for Carmel youth.

“Kids need positive, adult-led activities that will enrich their lives,” says Melissa Yarger, Early Intervention Advocate with CYAP, who spoke at the event.

“Research shows that you can give a kid a thousand resources, but if they don’t have relationships, none of that matters.”

Many attendees found themselves reflecting on their own pasts, and the help they received from programs like CYAP. Brandon Mitchell, founder and owner of Tech 365 in Noblesville, is one of them. “Having been in the shoes of the kids they [CYAP] serve, I can say they’re vital to this community,” said Mitchell, who recently signed on as a Presenting Partner of Synergize. “Those who are fortunate should always help those who are less fortunate.”

Participation in CYAP can help young people improve their living conditions, find their way to a profession, see future prospects, and motivate them to study particular disciplines. Every entrepreneur or organization is welcome to donate or simply take part in the upcoming meetings and to share information about their company, and the knowledge and skills required to join it, either as an intern or a young employee.

Synergize is a professional membership group with two goals:

– spark community impact;
– create real friendship between its members.

The group raised over $2,250 for CYAP from membership dues, guest tickets, and donations and continues looking for any help, whether financial or personal.

For Indy Auto Man, an Indianapolis used car dealership, such participation is another opportunity to support people from the local community. A share from each car sale at IAM goes to charity.

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