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TheCapheVietnam proudly introduces authentic Vietnamese coffee in the Middle East



DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dubai, Sep, 2023: TheCapheVietnam is a flourishing brand in Dubai that is proudly augmenting the Middle East’s coffee culture by introducing Vietnam’s authentic Robusta coffee. Coffee in Vietnam is not just a beverage but a booster dose for quick energy, an excuse to enjoy, a reason to sit and talk with friends, and a precursor to loads of happiness.

Speaking on the launch, Ashish Gupta, Founder & CEO of TheCapheVietnam says, “The middle eastern coffee market is experiencing an explosive demand for clean, organic coffee. TheCapheVietnam aspires to introduce organically cultivated, premium-quality Robusta beans and create a unique blend of Vietnamese and Arabic coffee culture in the middle east. “There is a great demand for clean organic coffee beans in the middle-east and the TheCapheVietnam as a coffee brand is on a mission to serving the blends of the finest Robusta by providing authentic, organically cultivated Vietnamese coffee beans growing in different regions of Vietnam”

“Vietnam has a rich coffee culture that dates back centuries. TheCapheVietnam aims to introduce the unparalleled happiness derived from the street coffee culture in the middle east and gradually across the globe, “he added.

The primary reason is that they are now seeking an alternative that could perfectly meet their urge for caffeine without impacting their overall well-being. Many people living in the UAE are expats, so most of them already know about organic coffee from their home countries or previous experiences. This has led to a huge demand for clean, organic coffee in recent years.

On top of all, they are fond of a premium coffee experience, accessible whenever they crave. The second wave of COVID-19 led to massive adoption of artisan coffee products, such as single-origin and cold brew. TheCapheVietnam perfectly fits the need with its finely blended Robusta beans. The company dreams to offer a unique coffee experience that every enthusiast will cherish. “We believe bad mornings deserve a second chance, and at TheCapheVietnam, we exactly aim to do that by meeting the desires of coffee fanatics,” says the Founder.

Robusta coffee is different because of its thickness in the brew, pungent taste, and over-roasted beans. In terms of caffeine presence, it is almost twice as strong than Arabica. It also has more chlorogenic antioxidants, responsible for the beverage’s health benefits. Robusta is even resilient to change in climate and diseases and can be grown in the lower altitudes. The Vietnamese people are in love with coffee having high caffeine content and bitter in taste.

Every alley in the cities in Vietnam, have a coffee shop, be it a highly stylized one or a simple roadside stand. Coffee is almost the country’s lifeline, with the people recurrently flocking to the cafes to enjoy a cup of steaming coffee.

TheCapheVietnam is proudly catering to the needs of the evolved coffee culture post the second wave as the brand is successfully introducing organically cultivated Robusta coffee in Dubai and across the Middle East. The company is committed to not using chemical fertilizers and improving coffee processing techniques in accordance with scientific standards.

TheCapheVietnam also ensures that the coffee sourced from Vietnam is cultivated by implementing only eco-friendly agricultural techniques. The Robusta coffee in Vietnam has its origins in Uganda, so the intrinsic quality of Vietnam’s Robusta coffee beans is guaranteed and with almost no adverse effects on the overall health.

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