Westbrooke Associates Announces New Investment Opportunity in ALP

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Westbrooke Associates Investment in Assisted Living

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Westbrooke Associates Backs Investment Into ALP

Westbrooke Associates’ latest offering presents a robust and impactful investment opportunity with several key features.

Westbrooke Associates embodies the interconnectedness between financial success and broader societal and environmental well-being.”

— Tara Denholm-Smith

LONDON, CRAWLEY, UNITED KINGDOM , December 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In response to the escalating demand for positive change in investment decisions, Westbrooke Associates has introduced a new venture designed to make a meaningful impact on the UK’s social housing landscape.

Proudly announcing a groundbreaking investment opportunity aimed at creating safe, fit-for-purpose accommodation for vulnerable people with enduring illnesses, Westbrooke Associates is committed to sourcing robust investments for the present-day market.

Amidst the tumultuous conditions in the housing market, marked by rising inflation and a cost of living crisis, the UK is confronted with a pressing issue in social housing. Recent findings from the Housing Ombudsman highlight a surge in complaints from tenants due to failures and delays by landlords, painting a stark picture of the challenges faced by the sector.

As the demand for social housing escalates, the report from the Housing Ombudsman Service underscores a 28% increase in complaints escalated for formal investigation in the past year. Key issues include poor property conditions, complaints handling and health and safety concerns, with property conditions accounting for 37% of all findings.

Inviting qualifying investors to participate in the Assisted Living Project Limited (ALP), Westbrooke Associates fully embraces the company’s vision and dedication to empowering the lives of vulnerable individuals, including the elderly and those with disabilities. The objective is to provide a stable income stream for investors through the acquisition and leasing of properties to reputable Community Benefit Societies.

The Assisted Living Project collaborates with housing bodies to acquire completed apartment blocks tailored for assisted living, providing tenants with long-term leases funded by the Department of Work and Pensions. Collaborating with housing associations and Community Benefit Societies, the accommodation is meticulously designed for exceptional assisted living and created to address each tenant’s distinct need.

Leased over 25 years on agreements funded by the DWP, the goal is to deliver over 100 apartments ready for assisted living occupancy and achieve listing as a real estate investment trust (REIT) by 2025. To encourage £6.5 million worth of investment, ALP has released 6,500,000 Ordinary shares at £1 per share, exclusively available to High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors.

Investors can expect a robust investment opportunity with several key features. Firstly, the venture offers government-backed income from day one, providing a stable financial foundation. Additionally, the investment comes with fully insured and repairing leases, ensuring a secure and low-risk investment environment. The structure eliminates void periods and maintenance, whilst management fees are covered by the Department for Work and Pensions, streamlining the investment process.

Furthermore, investors can benefit from secure 25-year leases, with rental income designed to outpace inflation by 1%, offering long-term financial stability. Lastly, the investment anticipates a 2.1x multiple upon flotation, showcasing the potential for substantial returns on investment.

Operating like mutual funds, REITs pool capital from various investors, offering a route to earn dividends from real estate without the complexities of property management. From a tax efficiency perspective, REITs also offer strategic advantages. Investors can use their dividend tax allowance on other investments and holding REIT shares within tax-sheltered accounts like ISAs or private pensions eliminates income tax on distributions.

Embarking on this investment opportunity ensures a seamless journey. The properties are already constructed thus eliminating the hassles of planning and construction delays. Providing a robust foundation for success, Investors will be part of a venture led by an experienced team, including Duncan Bannatyne, OBE.

Renowned for his appearance on the TV show Dragons’ Den, the entrepreneur, philanthropist and author, says:

“The organisation’s commitment to improving the quality of life for the individuals they serve aligns perfectly with my own values. I look forward to working closely with the team and leveraging my expertise to contribute to the growth and success of the Assisted Living Project.”

For more information or to request the Investor Memorandum, please contact Westbrooke Associates via email at info@westbrookeassociates.com or by telephone at 0203 745 0294.

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