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Accurate Auto Sales Data Now Available For All Businesses

Accurate Auto Sales Data Now Available For All Businesses

Vehicles Databases is thrilled to announce its sales history API that provides instant access to auto sales data for over 60 million vehicles.

In 2021 and 2022, there were significant year-over-year price changes for selected used vehicle segments. Factors like supply constraints, and demand fluctuations, influenced these price shifts”

— Statista

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vehicles Databases is thrilled to announce its sales history API that provides instant access to auto sales data for over 60 million vehicles. With their API, businesses can view the sales data for every vehicle they encounter, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.

Every Detail On A Vehicle’s Sales History, Revealed.

The Sales History API offers auto-related businesses instant access to detailed sales records for individual vehicles using only the Vehicle Identification Number.

By using this car data API, businesses such as used car dealerships, auction houses, auto financing companies, and insurance providers can access comprehensive insights into a vehicle’s previous sales history, including transaction dates, prices, conditions, and images if available.

The records provided by this API include:

>Sale price

>Status of a vehicle

>Seller type either a dealership, auction, or a private sale

>Features of the vehicle

>Seller Description

>High-resolution images of the vehicle

This enables businesses to accurately assess market value, negotiate pricing, mitigate risks, and tailor their services to meet the needs of their customers effectively.

With access to sales history data, businesses can enhance transparency, build trust with customers, and drive efficiency in their operations, ultimately leading to improved profitability and customer satisfaction.

Features of the Sales History API

The car sales database is designed to assist businesses in providing the best services with accurate sales data and some additional features. Some of these features include:

>Access to accurate vehicle data

>Scalable and Adaptable

>99% uptime reliability

>Easy to integrate APIs

>User-friendly interface for testing

>15 free credits

>Detailed documentation for smooth integration

>100% accuracy

>Supports all 17 digit VINs

>Provides support for classic vehicles

>Covers all vehicle types and manufacturers

What Businesses Need The Sales History API?

Vehicles Databases understands that having sales history data for individual vehicles can be highly valuable for several businesses and their operations, including:

>Used Car Dealerships: Dealerships specializing in used cars can benefit significantly from providing a vehicle sales history API. By understanding a vehicle’s previous sales records, including transaction dates, prices, and conditions, dealerships can accurately assess the market value of each vehicle.

This information allows them to make informed pricing decisions, negotiate effectively with customers, and maintain transparency in their sales process.

>Car Auction Houses: Auction houses that deal with the sale of used or pre-owned vehicles can leverage the car sales data API to attract buyers and sellers.

By showcasing a vehicle’s past sales records, including any previous auction prices and bidding history, auction houses can build trust with potential buyers and demonstrate the value of the vehicles they offer.

>Auto Financing Companies: Lenders and auto financing companies can use sales history data to assess the value of vehicles used as collateral for loans. By reviewing a vehicle’s previous sales records, lenders can determine its market value and assess the risk associated with financing the purchase.

>Insurance Companies: Insurance providers can utilize automotive sales data to accurately assess the value of insured vehicles and determine appropriate coverage levels and premiums.

By analyzing a vehicle’s previous sales records, including any changes in ownership, condition, and market value over time, insurers can tailor their coverage options to reflect the true value of the vehicle and provide adequate protection to policyholders.

>Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces for buying and selling vehicles can enhance their platforms by integrating the Sales History API.

By displaying comprehensive sales history data alongside vehicle listings, these platforms can increase transparency and trust among buyers and sellers, ultimately driving higher conversion rates.

Why Choose Vehicle Databases?

Some of the reasons why Vehicle Databases stands out as one of the best providers of APIs are:

>99% Uptime: Vehicle Databases ensures swift access to data and guarantees minimal downtime and uninterrupted service.

>Lightning-fast responses: Vehicle data is provided in seconds whenever their APIs are called.

>Flexible pricing: Their flexible pricing options accommodate businesses of all sizes and budgets.

>Comprehensive documentation: Their comprehensive documentation makes integration easy and seamless.

>Wide data coverage: They have over 60 million vehicle records and information in their database.

>Data Accuracy: Vehicle Databases is known for providing 100% data accuracy. Users can be sure that the data they receive is reliable and precise.

>Support for classic cars: Vehicle Databases provides sales data for classic and modern cars.

>Expert Support: Their team of automotive analysts is available to assist users in maximizing the value of the Sales History API.

>Free trial: They offer 15 free credits for users to test their API’s accuracy and responsiveness.

“At Vehicle Databases, we believe that informed decisions drive success and growth,” says Saad Iqbal, Chief, Business Development at Vehicle Databases. “The Sales History API empowers businesses to unlock valuable insights and stay ahead in a dynamic market.”

About Vehicle Databases

Vehicle Databases is a trusted provider of automotive data APIs, committed to empowering businesses and consumers with accurate vehicle information accessible with mobile apps and websites. Our commitment lies in providing lightning-fast access, enhanced scalability, and unrivaled security. Visit our website to explore our comprehensive suite of services.

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