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Connor Tomkies & Andrew Warner Launch ‘My Second Million,’ Championing Relationship-centric Growth in the A.I. Era

Incendium Strategies & My Second Million

One Part Membership Co-op & One Part Podcast, Incendium Strategies’ Platform Guests Include Morning Brew Co-founder Alex Lieberman & Swag.com’s Jeremy Parker

With My Second Million, we’re not just creating a community; we’re spearheading a movement towards more meaningful, relationship-driven growth strategies.”

— Connor Tomkies

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — At a time when the entrepreneurial journey can often feel isolating, Connor Tomkies, the business mind behind the $65 million success story of SupportNinja, and Andrew Warner, renowned for capturing the essence of thousands of visionary startup triumphs through his Mixergy interviews, have co-founded “My Second Million.” The initiative — launched under the Incendium Strategies umbrella — is one part entrepreneurial membership cooperative, one part podcast and one part education initiative. By establishing this like-minded community, Tomkies and Warner plan to not only facilitate the exchange of experiences and strategies critical for building valuable companies, but to grow Incendium’s relationship-centric marketing models in the age of A.I.

Highlighting the platform’s launch are podcast interviews with some of today’s most inventive and insightful entrepreneurs. Early guests on My Second Million’s “Made It” podcast include Alex Lieberman, who co-founded Morning Brew newsletter, which he sold for $75 million, and Jeremy Parker, who scaled Swag.com to $40 million in sales before it was acquired by Custom Ink. Rooted in the belief that collective wisdom and collaboration are the keystones of entrepreneurial success, My Second Million is also more than just a podcast. It is a vibrant ecosystem supported by Entrepreneur Cooperative, a membership-based community for founders and CEOs of companies. Entrepreneur Cooperative provides a community where both seasoned and emerging business leaders come together to share insights, connect, grow and pave the way for the next generation of innovative businesses.

“Building a successful company is a monumental achievement, but the journey doesn’t stop at making the first million,” said Tomkies. “With My Second Million, we’re not just creating a community; we’re spearheading a movement towards more meaningful, relationship-driven growth strategies. In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping traditional marketing approaches, one area of focus with Incendium Strategies is nurturing direct, authentic connections. By prioritizing community-driven live events and thought leadership, we offer entrepreneurs and marketers innovative ways to engage and succeed in a landscape transformed by technology.”

“Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with entrepreneurs who’ve changed the world,” said Warner. “Time and again, the value of community and shared learning has emerged as a key factor in their success. My Second Million is our way of bringing that community spirit to the forefront, facilitating a dialogue that enriches the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

“Community is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship. It’s where ideas are shared, challenges are met with collective wisdom and growth is fueled by collaboration,” said Lieberman. “I’m thrilled to share my journey and insights with Made It podcast listeners and I firmly believe in the model that Andrew and Connor have put together. Their commitment to creating a space where entrepreneurs can connect and support each other is not just commendable — it’s essential for sustainable business growth.”

Warner, whose 3,000+ Mixergy interviews have illuminated the paths of some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and an unparalleled network of industry influencers. Tomkies, meanwhile, has just embarked on his latest journey, launching private equity firm Operator Equity. Operator Equity has enjoyed early success by serving as a modern alternative to traditional private equity, with LPs that are entrepreneurs themselves. Its model empowers entrepreneurs, providing them cash and opportunities to co-invest, fostering trust and mutual growth.

The My Second Million announcement comes on the heels of a recent seven figure investment into Incendium Strategies. Led by Tomkies and Operator Equity, the funding is being used to meet the challenges facing the marketing industry, including with a renewed emphasis on in-person, relationship-centric marketing strategies combined with innovative digital tactics.

About Incendium Strategies:

Incendium Strategies is an innovative growth studio and consultancy founded by Nate Houghton and Adam Fischman that specializes in both traditional and community-focused B2B marketing strategies. Integrating tried-and-true marketing philosophies and tactics with relationship-centric models, thought leadership, strategic digital content and live experiences such as networking events and seminars, Incendium is redefining effective growth strategies for tech and tech-enabled companies.

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