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CoolerX: A New Era in In-Store Retail Media Begins

Cooler Screens is rebranding to CoolerX, marking a new chapter for the in-store retail media technology company

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 6, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cooler Screens, the technology company powering the in-store retail media and merchandising revolution, today announced it has changed its name to CoolerX. This new name and accompanying identity, revealed at CoolerX’s AI-centered in-store retail media conference, Innovation Summit, reflects the company’s continued growth and evolution as a technology platform, building AI and data-powered solutions that transform the in-store retail experience for consumers, retailers, and brands.

Since its inception, Cooler Screens has been dedicated to revolutionizing the retail experience by integrating smart digital solutions within the physical retail environment. First, the company enabled digital “smart screens” to replace traditional retail surfaces, like cooler doors, end-caps, checkout lane coolers, pharmacy screens, and beyond. That offering enabled Cooler Screens to build a data powerhouse to inform the company’s brand-new flagship software product, CoolerX, launched in January 2024, which will now serve as the official name of the company.

CoolerX, powered by Microsoft Azure and in collaboration NVIDIA, is an advanced and differentiated software solution that uses AI and data science to identify precise marketing activation opportunities in stores, driving incremental sales growth for retailers and brands. At its core, the software features a first-of-its-kind in-store “intent engine,” which uses AI to analyze data points gathered from consumer behavior, contextual signals, and first-party retailer data. It anticipates shopper needs, allowing retailers and brand advertisers to deliver highly targeted and relevant content at the point of decision.

“CoolerX represents the core of what the company does, with our focus on data and AI to revolutionize the retail experience,” said Arsen Avakian, CEO at CoolerX. “As CoolerX, our data-driven and AI-powered technology enables us to understand and predict shopper intent in stores. In doing so, we can deliver content that improves the consumer experience, driving incremental growth and performance for both retailers and brands.”

CoolerX’s software uses a network of sensors and AI-compute capabilities to bring real-time visibility into and understanding of on-shelf availability, location, and movement, which is then combined with a granular view of shopper browsing, engagement and conversion signals (such as proximity, dwell time, attention, actions). This information is integrated within a closed-loop feedback system, which then fuels an AI-enabled recommendation engine to predict consumer intent.

Recommendations are integrated into an advertising platform, which provides brand advertisers the capability of placing marketing campaigns dynamically and programmatically at the precise point and moment of shopper decision-making. This approach generates a deeper, data-driven understanding of consumer interaction, similar to online ecommerce, with real-time insights into shopper engagement and advertising performance.

CoolerX operates without gathering or using consumers’ personal data. The technology is identity-blind, and the algorithms are built for the anonymous nature of brick-and-mortar shopping. CoolerX is certified by Privacy by Design, the ISO global standard for protecting consumer privacy.

With its software already in operation in top retailers, including Kroger, Walgreens, Giant Eagle’s GetGo, Chevron and Western Union, CoolerX is the leading in-store retail media and merchandising technology solution. The company was recognized as a 2023 Digiday Technology Award recipient as Best In-Store Technology for its ability to precisely reach consumers in stores.

Cooler Screen’s Innovation Summit is an exclusive, invite-only conference with leading retail AI experts from Kroger, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Unilever, Chevron, Dollar General and more.

About CoolerX

CoolerX is the first-to-market technology company powering the transformational possibilities of digital in-store retail media and merchandising. The company’s AI-driven software solutions allow retailers to create in-store digital experiences for shoppers, and for brands to reach them on dynamic smart screens that adapt to consumer behavior and data-driven context at the point of decision. With the majority of purchases still taking place in brick-and-mortar stores, CoolerX enables retailers to digitize and improve in-store consumer experiences and enter the retail media business, while allowing brands to drive sales and build brand equity by reaching the vast traffic in physical stores. Partners include leading national retailers such as Kroger, Walgreens, Giant Eagle’s GetGo convenience stores, Chevron, Areas, Nouria and Western Union

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