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M-1 Studios Video Production Facility Helps Michigan Film Industry Association Bring Film Credits Back To The State

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Advocacy is underway for Michigan’s pro-jobs, pro-economy through multimedia incentive credits to attract production projects competing with 40 other states.

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, April 27, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — M-1 Studios, headquartered in Ferndale, Michigan, is one of the few fully equipped and staffed creative video and multimedia content hubs in metro Detroit. The state-of-the-art studio produces video, animation, live streaming, motion graphics, multimedia, and related content for corporations and businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs. Formed in 2008, M-1 Studios is independently owned by industry pros and friends Matthew Peach, President, and Mike Madigan, Vice President.

A nonprofit trade industry association with a volunteer board of directors, advisory members, and supporters, the Michigan Film Industry Association (MIFIA) represents the film, television, and media industry to encourage passing multimedia legislation that will attract projects creating sustainable jobs through tax credit incentives that remain in the state contributing to local communities and state economic impact. The legislation is pending.

Peach, Independent Filmmaker, Director, and Producer, is on the board of MIFIA and informs and advocates lawmakers, industry stakeholders, and the public on the importance of film incentive legislation to bring productions back to the state. Rebranded from being referred to as a film credit to broaden the scope, it is now the Multimedia Tax Incentive Legislation. Peach chairs the MIFIA Outreach and Fundraising Committee.

His last released film project was, ‘Boblo Boats: A Tale of Two Sisters, where he was the Producer and the Director of Photography. The film premiered on the opening night of the Freep Film Festival in 2021.

In 2023, the popular fishing show, “Bassquatch Hunter: Fish out of Water” produced by M-1 Studios will air its first season on the Discovery Channel, it will also be its fourth season on the Pursuit Channel. M-1 Studios owners are finalizing investors for an upcoming feature documentary film.

M-1 Studios has been the approved SAG/AFTRA remote voiceover recording location for nearly three years, working with Hollywood players about every two-three weeks, including significant shows for HBO, Sony Pictures, Netflix, Hulu, and others, plus global video game companies giving the Studio a unique insight into the local talent pool’s demand with out-of-state productions.

“We are fully vested as a business owner in the industry, and I also work in the industry. We want to work in production all the time in Michigan. We want to attract and work on bigger projects, and employ local people to tell stories, not just survive as artists, but thrive as artists in the industry in Michigan,” states Matthew.


Mike and Peach met in 2004 in a screenwriting class at the Detroit Film Center. They launched their business renting space in Royal Oak on Woodward Avenue. Formed in 2008, they joined forces to fill a void for full-service video production services in metro Detroit with a presence in Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They purchased their building in 2018 and is completing its video and film production studio.

Peach was born in Detroit, lived in Redford, and then his family moved to Tecumseh, where he graduated from high school. He knows the state from Detroit to northern Michigan and is bullish on doing business here.

Mike is from Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois and Purdue University. He worked in Human Resources with Ford Motor Company from 2000-2009 and has been with M-1 Studios ever since.

Video production and live streaming services are what M-1 Studios scales for Business-To-Business (B2B) Small, Medium, National, and Global corporations in every sector while increasing its Business-To-Consumer (B2C) clients. Recognized as a leading video marketing and content creator, the work includes commercials, training and recruitment videos, corporate messaging, and live stream productions, podcasts, and more. The Studio ranks among one-hundred top local, national, and global creative hubs.

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