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Petgugu Unveils Smart Cat Toilet, Transforming Feline Care Through Advanced Automation and Remote Monitoring Features

Petgugu’s smart cat toilet features automatic excrement flushing, ensuring uninterrupted, odor-free convenience without manual intervention for an enhanced user experience.

Enable a swift one-minute installation for compatibility in any home corner. The cat litter box, with plumbing connections, facilitates automatic water flushing for cat waste.

Access personalized cat healthcare through the app, tracking weight and analyzing feces for real-time insights into gastrointestinal health and behavioral patterns.

Implement air purification and UV germ-killing functions in the cat toilet, intelligently purifying the air within the toilet space. Ensure a sterile environment for both cat lovers and cats.

Enable remote monitoring and control with a smart app for continuous cat health attention, even when away. Utilize the HD night vision camera for 24/7 recording, providing real-time access to toilet behavior and feces conditions.

Revolutionizing Pet Care: Petgugu Introduces Innovative Smart Cat Toilet for Effortless Feline Well-being

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Petgugu, known for its presence in the pet care industry, proudly unveils its latest product: the Smart Cat Toilet. This new addition to Petgugu’s lineup of pet care solutions aims to offer cat owners enhanced convenience while setting new standards in global feline care.

The Smart Cat Toilet presents features aimed at enhancing the overall experience for cat owners. With its Smart Flush function seamlessly connected to the water supply for automatic flushing and the Auto Clean feature eliminating the need for manual scooping, the product addresses challenges associated with pet waste management.

Key features of the Smart Cat Toilet include the Smart Flush functionality, akin to automated toilets for humans, and the Auto Clean feature, ensuring a scoop-free experience through Auto Cat Litter Refill and One-touch Litter Removal for simplified waste disposal.

In addition, the Smart Cat Toilet incorporates an APP Remote Monitoring feature, empowering pet owners to monitor their cat’s health and well-being from any location. Equipped with a high-definition camera, it allows for video playback for health monitoring, while the APP Weight Watchers feature facilitates effortless tracking of feline weight.

Designed for multi-cat households, this advanced toilet simplifies manual scooping and effectively addresses odor concerns linked to cat waste. Its functionality extends to benefit frequent travelers, ensuring their cat’s well-being even in their absence.

Installation and operation of the Smart Cat Toilet are hassle-free, effectively resolving cat waste-related issues. Versatile in placement, it seamlessly fits into various household setups, including verandahs, laundry rooms, toilets, and kitty bars.

The PW5 model specifications reveal operational power at 120W with a rated voltage of DC 12V, offering a sand barn space of 80L and compatibility with various water-soluble cat litters. Constructed with durable ABS+Silicone, the main unit dimensions measure L630xW620xH749mm, weighing approximately 27kg.

Hailey, Marketing Manager at Petgugu, expressed excitement about the Smart Cat Toilet, highlighting its innovative features and user-friendly design as significant advancements in pet care. She stated, ‘We are pleased to introduce the Smart Cat Toilet, a product that sets new standards in feline care. With its advanced technology and seamless operation, it represents a significant step forward in pet care convenience and excellence. For more information about the Smart Cat Toilet and its availability, please visit the crowdfunding page on INDIEGOGO or reach out to james@petgugu.com.

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World’s First Self-Flushing Smart Cat Litter Box Toilet

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