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ACFLOW Snap – The world’s first 360 camera featuring replaceable lenses

ACFLOW Snap Camera

ACFLOW Snap Replaceable Lenses

ACFLOW Snap Replaceable Lenses

ACFLOW Logo Black

ACFLOW Logo Black

ACFLOW Snap, the first 360 camera of its kind, allows users to switch lenses. This addresses a key issue and offers enhanced flexibility for a variety of needs.

I don’t care for higher resolution. Just replaceable lenses”

— A 360 Camera User

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — ACFLOW announces the launch of the ACFLOW Snap, which introduces significant changes to the 360 imaging technology. The Snap enables users, from photographers to vloggers, to replace damaged lenses themselves, potentially reducing costs and saving time.

The ACFLOW Snap goes beyond the capabilities of a conventional 360 camera. Its modular design enables users to interchange a 360 lens, a 4k wide-angle lens, a C-mount module, and a VR180 3D lens module swiftly. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs of content creators.

The 360 lens feature of the Snap provides a unique imaging experience, making the capture of third-person view images more accessible. ACFLOW’s distinctive stitching algorithm allows for post-shoot framing, enhancing creative options.

Snap also incorporates the Action Flow stabilization algorithm, facilitating the capture of smooth footage in various situations. All lens modules are equipped with a 1/2-inch 48-megapixel Sony CMOS, contributing to the production of high-quality images.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the Snap maintains a compact and portable design. It can easily fit in a pocket and is suitable for hand-held shooting, accommodating the lifestyles of mobile content creators.

The ACFLOW Snap will soon be open for pre-order on Kickstarter. The 360 lens kit is priced at $449, with an early bird rate of $299. A three-lens kit is also available, providing additional value.

The ACFLOW Snap introduces a new era in 360 imaging, catering to the varied needs of users, from professional photographers to vloggers and life-loggers.

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