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Amscope Releases Holiday Gift Guide for Microscopes, Telescopes and Tools for All Ages and Experience Level

Amscope Releases Holiday Gift Guide for Microscopes, Telescopes and Tools for All Ages and Experience Level

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Amscope.com (https://amscope.com) is an online platform that specializes in a wide range of microscopes and accessories. It serves various customers including professionals, students, and enthusiasts who are interested in science and microscopy.

The website’s goal is to enhance education by providing products that make learning engaging and memorable. Its inventory includes an extensive selection of microscopes designed for different purposes and audiences, from laboratories to academic institutions and various industries.

For younger audiences, AmScope.com offers kid’s and student microscopes such as the M30-ABS-KT2-W-WM (https://amscope.com/products/m30-abs-kt2-w-wm), 120X, 240X, 300X, 480X, 600X and 1200X six magnification beginner microscope. Durable metal arm with stage and clips. Reflecting mirror for natural illumination; built-in light for direct illumination. Built-in Rotating color filter wheel; power indicator on rotating turret. ABS case and 2 AA batteries included

M44-KT IQCREW by AmScope 100X-1200X Compound Microscope Kit w/Dual LED Illuminators, Disc Condenser, Rotating Head, and Accessory Kit (https://amscope.com/products/c-m44-kt), and M40-K-MDM35 New from AmScope – our premium 85+ piece microscope and color camera kit with exclusive kid’s friendly software, blank and prepared slides, experiment ideas, tools, and other accessories all in a rugged ABS plastic carrying case

All metal high-quality microscope with precision focus optics, magnifications ranging from 120X up to 1200X, easy focus system, two light sources, a built-in color filter wheel and much more! Premium at-home or in-school lab with over 85 accessories and newly designed ABS carrying case. (https://amscope.com/products/m40-k-mdm35). These products are paired with kid-friendly software to support STEM education. The website also features digital microscopes like the DM130, DM140 (https://amscope.com/products/c-dm140), and DM150, which are designed for ease of use and portability.

AmScope.com caters to different educational levels with microscopes like the M102C-PB10, M150C (https://amscope.com/products/m150c), and dual illuminator models like M162C-2L-PB10-WM (https://amscope.com/products/m162c-2l-pb10-wm) and M158C-2L. For high school students, advanced models like the B120C (https://amscope.com/products/40x-2500x-lab-binocular-microscope-3d-stage), B270, and B120C-R (https://amscope.com/products/c-b120c-r) are available.

In addition to compound microscopes, the site offers a range of stereo microscopes for beginners to advanced users, such as the SE122, SE102, SE306-PZ-LED, and SM-1TS-144S, suitable for various types of exploration and study.

AmScope.com also provides telescopes for astronomy enthusiasts, ranging from entry-level models like the TLS-S70300 and TLS-S50360 (https://amscope.com/products/tls-s50360) to those designed for deep space exploration. These are complemented by kits such as TKVB-S70300-SOSA-MGZR and TVB-130650-CSMC1 (https://amscope.com/products/c-tvb-130650), enhancing the astronomical learning experience.

Additionally, AmScope.com offers a variety of resources including slides, digital cameras, books, and activity kits, emphasizing their commitment to continuous learning and enjoyment. The platform aims to foster scientific curiosity and educational advancement, backed by a focus on quality products and customer service.

For the Young Explorers (Ages 3-10) – Introductory microscopes are tailor-made for little hands and big imaginations, making science accessible and fun.

For the Budding Scientists (Ages 11-14) – Intermediate microscopes serve as a bridge between play and serious study, ideal for encouraging an interest in STEM subjects.

For the High School and College Students (Ages 15-22) – Equip biologists and chemists with professional-level tools that support the educational journey.

For the Hobbyists and Enthusiasts (Ages 23+) – This is a technical product and is designed for Young Adults, with advanced optics allowing a new perspective on everything from coin collecting to botanical studies.

For the Professionals and Researchers – Specification are for Precision and reliability, this microscope class provides performance you need for laboratory or research settings.


These models maintain Amscope’s quality standards with superior optical glass, robust construction, and advanced lighting technologies for clear, high-contrast images.


Kid’s M30-ABS-KT2 Amscope Starter Kid’s Microscopes Kit – This kit includes a metal microscope with magnifications from 120X to 1200X, prepared slides, blank slides, and accessories for young scientists.

IQCREW M44-KT Amscope Beginner Kid’s Microscopes with LED – Designed for younger users, this model features a monocular viewing head, fixed magnification, and an LED light source for clear microscopic viewing.

M162C-2L-PB10 Amscope Kid’s Microscopes – Optical glass monocular microscope with top & bottom LED lights. 40X-1000X Five widefield magnifications

Sturdy metal frame with coaxial coarse & fine focusing. Compatible with 110V power adapter or AA batteries. Single lens condenser with 6-hole disc diaphragm. Five blank and five prepared slide kit. Recommended for Ages 10 & Up.


Amscope offers a range of digital microscopes designed for various applications, from educational use to professional laboratory research. The digital microscopes in their collection are equipped with integrated cameras, enabling users to capture and analyze images and videos of specimens. Below are some of the top models from Amscope’s digital microscope line, each catering to different needs and specifications.

HHD1300 Amscope Digital Microscopes – Professional quality USB powered handheld digital microscope with continuous 10X to 280X magnification.. Built-in 1.3MP (38FPS@1520×856) digital camera for capturing high-quality images and videos. 5G high grade optical glass with multi-layer anti-reflection coating. 8 LED ring illuminator with adjustable illumination.

DM745-HDM11-3DR Amscope Digital Microscopes – An all-in-one digital inspection system for industrial and laboratory use, complete with high-definition imaging, a large 11.6” screen, and a 144-LED ring light. Includes a unique 3D rotary attachment which allows you to view object from various angles

0.7X-4.5X zoom magnification is ideal for dissection, soldering, and general inspection, and detents at key magnifications ensure ease and consistency

Real-time, high-definition images are displayed on the 11.6” screen with superb clarity and accurate colors.

H800-96S-AF2 Amscope Digital Microscopes – Monocular C-mount microscope with extremely sharp 0.7X-5.0X zoom objective and integrated 0.4X reduction element ideal for cameras with 1/2″ format sensors. Produces sharp images over a wide field of view, with plenty of room to work with its long working distance. Includes a 96-LED ring-light for bright, even illumination. Stable table-stand with metal framework with solid base plate

Includes an auto-focus 1080p/2MP multi-function camera with built-in recording that can stream live video over HDMI and connect to a computer using wi-fi.

For more information, the website invites visitors to explore its range of products and services, or to connect with their team for assistance and guidance in the field of science education.

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