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Antonio Gonzales purchases esports team with UEL Esports with a price point Nearing Quarter of a Million dollars

Meeting the leadership team

Esports isn’t dead at the Ultimate’s Endgamers league. It’s still growing and growing fast with a 300% increase in the teams sale price in a little over a year.

STAFFORD, VA, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Antonio A. Gonzalez Acquires the Trollz: A Major Milestone for the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL)

In a significant development for the esports industry, Antonio A. Gonzalez, a visionary investor with a deep passion for gaming, has acquired the Trollz, a prominent team in the Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL). The acquisition marks one of the most substantial transactions in UEL’s history, with a purchase price in the six figures. 

Press conference: Video here

The journey towards this momentous acquisition began approximately six months ago when Antonio responded to an introduction targeted at potential esports investors. Having witnessed friends navigate the esports investment landscape and sometimes face significant challenges, Antonio was intrigued by the unique approach of the UEL.

UEL, under the leadership of its CEO Titus Walker, has always stood out in the esports sphere. Unlike traditional leagues that focus on a single game, UEL’s distinctive vision revolves around celebrating gaming as an art form, emphasizing skill and strategy across various game genres. This perspective immediately resonated with Gonzalez, who shared a similar vision for the future of esports.

Over the subsequent months, Gonzalez and Walker engaged in extensive conversations, discussing their shared vision and the potential of the esports industry. Antonio brought not only his investment expertise but also a highly skilled production team with a track record in creating successful films such as “The Gambler,” “Exorcist,” and “Planet of the Apes.” It became evident that his alignment with UEL’s values and vision made him the perfect fit for both the league and the Trollz.

The acquisition of the Trollz by Antonio is a testament to the exciting growth prospects of the UEL. It signifies the league’s ability to attract visionary investors who understand the power of esports and are willing to support its unique approach to gaming. In a press conference held on Saturday, Antonio stated: “I love the idea of having all these games into one league and then having a competition to find out who the best player is. When you’re thinking about the future of sports and entertainment, the concept of the UEL fits right into that wheelhouse”

As the UEL continues to expand and evolve, the sale of the Trollz sets the stage for potential future sales of expansion teams like the Wolves, Cobras, Phantoms, and Bucks in 2024 and 2025. The league’s CEO, Titus, stated: “These are very exciting times for the UEL.” [a]

With Antonio’s support, the UEL is poised to push the boundaries of competitive gaming, celebrate the art of gaming, and build a vibrant community of gamers who share their passion.

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The Ultimate Endgamers League (UEL) is the world’s largest multi-game esports league, dedicated to celebrating gaming as an art form. With a unique approach that focuses on skill, strategy, and a diverse range of game genres, UEL has carved a distinct niche in the esports industry. UEL’s mission is to unite gamers, push the boundaries of competitive play, and redefine the future of esports. For more information, visit the website

About Antonio A. Gonzalez
Antonio A. González (Chief Executive Officer) co-founded Grea
t Wealth Investments after 20+ years of experience working for boutique Fintech Wealth custodians as a senior financial services leader with distinguished expertise in relationship management, sales, strategy, and product management, covering relationships such as Webull, Goldman Sachs, and Betterment. Antonio managed, grew and supported a client portfolio of $50+ billion in assets under custody  & 1+ million customer accounts working with some of the largest registered investment advisers and broker dealers in the World. He is also a General Partner at Manifest Film Ventures, LP where they are reimagining how investments are made in entertainment. He also sits on the Management Committee of the Registered Investment Advisor Quantalytics AI – A Forbes company.

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The Press conference

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