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B Merry Studio Manufactures Custom Hunting & Ulu Knives in Alaska

Outdoor enthusiasts seeking premium blades with natural handle materials can consider B Merry Studio’s handcrafted Alaskan Ulu and hunting knives.

I just recently purchased an Ulu. We are new to the function but love it. Your work is exquisite. Now we want more than ever to make a trip to Alaska. Will be making additional purchases for sure.”

— Rod L.

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Those who love the outdoors and exploring uncharted territories know the value of a solid hunting knife. In addition, a knife is invaluable for different purposes, such as preparing foods, cutting, and survival. And among all the available models, knives made in Alaska are well-appreciated worldwide for their unique design, durability, and distinctive handles. Alaska knives have been the primary tool for skinning, cutting, and more for Inuit and Yupik people for centuries. Even now, people in Alaska frequently utilize them for outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, and camping. B Merry Studio aims to bring authentic Alaskan hunting and survival knives for people looking for custom, handmade blades with intricate design patterns.

Alaskan knives are notable for being handcrafted utilizing age-old methods passed down from previous generations of Alaska Natives. That means that every knife is unique and tells its narrative. In addition, Alaskan knives have a distinct appeal in part because they are typically crafted from locally available materials like caribou antlers or moose bone. Alaskans use several cutting instruments, but the Alaskan ulu knife is perhaps the most popular worldwide. This multi-purpose knife carries a long history and is widely used in various applications, from skinning animals and cutting fish to preparing food. Although many retailers today provide ulu knives, not every ulu has the same legacy construction and blade material that customers expect. But some manufacturers like B Merry Studio employ the same traditional knife-making skills to produce genuine ulu with custom bone handles for knives.

“I just recently purchased an ulu built by you from a knife builders shop and store in Rapid River, Michigan. We are new to the function but love it. Totally unaware of your work, we Googled your shop and are totally impressed. Your work is exquisite. Now we want more than ever to make a trip to Alaska. Our new ulu will never be put away. It will always be exposed on display. Will be making additional purchases for sure.” – Rod L

Whether searching online for “ulu knife, Alaska” or visiting a store to get the hands-on original Alaska knives, it’s essential to consider these factors. For instance, an authentic ulu knife will have blades made from high-quality 440 stainless steel or Damascus steel. These premium blades will retain their sharpness for longer and can even be sharpened as needed. Also, most reputable manufacturers use natural materials for knife handles, including mammoth bone, ivory, and Dymnodwood. Another consideration when purchasing an Alaskan knife is a lifetime warranty. Considering these factors, investing in an Ulu knife will feel worthwhile for consumers.

Another popular version of Alaskan knives is vintage fossilized Mammoth bone and Mammoth Ivory handled knife. The ownership of these knives feels like owning a piece of history. For instance, Woolly mammoths that roamed in the northern hemisphere during the Ice Age became extinct for over 10000 years. But their bones and remains have been found in Alaska and other regions, and today a highly-prized commodity among collectors and historians. So imagine having a knife with a vintage bone handle knife; it’s a rare opportunity and, once bought, will definitely, become a centerpiece of any home. Perhaps, that’s the reason why many knife collectors invest in custom, handmade Alaska knives with mammoth bone and ivory handles. And to ensure their investments are worthwhile, they usually purchase from custom knife makers based in Alaska. Alaska-based B Merry Studio, for instance, offers a wide variety of fixed blades, folding knives, fillets, Ulu knives, and culinary accessories made from fossilized Mammoth bone, Mammoth Ivory, and Blue Mammoth Ivory.

Those who love exploring outdoors and camping also appreciate the Alaskan hunting knives for their functionality, durability, and ergonomic design. In addition, the wood and bone handles on these knives make them also a vintage selection for outdoor expeditions. Those planning to invest in genuine hunting or survival knives should consider three things: blade, handle, and credibility of the manufacturer.

AUS 8 steel or Damascus steel is considered excellent for knife blades. The strong corrosion resistance and durability of AUS 8 Japanese stainless steel make it a popular choice for knife makers. The AUS 8 steel used in Alaskan knives is known for its resilience and dependability under extreme circumstances and heavy use. It keeps its sharpness for longer with less frequent sharpening and doesn’t rust. On the other hand, Damascus steel is a composite material forged from many distinct sheets of steel stacked one over the other—the blade’s unique design results from repeated heating and forging of steel layers. Damascus steel is prized for its longevity, toughness, and edge retention. Damascus steel, used in Alaskan knives, produces a very sharp and visually beautiful blade.

The second consideration for an Alaskan hunting knife is its handle materials. North American wood species, as well as Moose and Caribou antler, Mammoth bone, Walrus bone and ivory, Musk Ox bone, Dall Sheep horn, and Mammoth Ivory, are prized for the one-of-a-kind and antique appearance of their knife handles. The third consideration is locating a knife manufacturer providing authentic Alaskan knives with high-quality blades (AUS 8 or Damascus), custom knife handles, and a lifetime warranty. Although many retailers advertise their products as original, not every item sold online can be genuine and have the same characteristics customers expect. Therefore, purchasing from a reputed supplier with a production facility in Alaska and a track record of providing genuine, custom Alaskan ulu or hunting knives is essential. For instance, B Merry Studio’s manufacturing unit in Anchorage, Alaska, provides authentic Alaskan ulu and hunting knives with natural wood and bone handle materials.

About B Merry Studio

Located in Anchorage, B Merry Studio is well-known among knife lovers for their high-quality hunting and survival knives. In addition, the company’s bespoke, handcrafted knives are well-known for their superior performance and longevity in harsh outdoor environments. Knives of all shapes and sizes are available, from straight knives to folding knives to skinners to fillet knives to Ulu knives to pocket Ulu knives. To ensure the best quality, each knife is meticulously handcrafted utilizing time-honored methods and only the highest quality materials.

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