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Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide

Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide

REXBURG, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide is a useful tool for many types of learners. It is specially designed for the homeschooling curriculum, ESL learners, and others who want to become more effective readers. It is best used in conjunction with Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories. The study guide’s effective organizational format builds vocabulary as it strengthens reading comprehension. This study guide features 31 reading exercises that simplify the reading development process while increasing the individual’s testimony of Book of Mormon truths.

One of the attractions of the Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide is found in the easy-to-follow activities with each story. Each story activity begins with a prediction activity. The child is instructed to guess what the story will be about. They are asked to write their prediction down based on the title of the story. After the child reads the story, they then write down what the story is about. The child must understand there is no right or wrong answer in the prediction exercise. Each child’s prediction exercise answer is based on their own unique prior experiences. This simple, yet effective activity directs the child in becoming more focused and engaged while reading the story. The child also has the option of listening to the story titles found in Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories audiobook. Audiobooks are another great introduction to the reading development process. The parent may choose to write down what the child tells them as their answer to each story prediction exercise. It is never too early for a child to learn how to read. This process gives the child a reason to listen or read as they confirm or reject their predictions.

Reading skills are easily reached with vocabulary, comprehension, main idea, explicit, and implicit exercises. An easy-to-follow instruction is given at the beginning of each section. The extension exercise is a fun way for your child to apply what they already know to their way of doing things. It then becomes their unique interpretation of knowledge. This exercise helps the learner to build confidence in their ability to achieve and reduces their fear of failing. Additionally, the exercises in Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide allow the reader to work at their own speed as they progress in the reading development process and their appreciation of Book of Mormon stories.

The exercises in Learning to Read: Book of Mormon Stories Study Guide offer an effective and easy way for children, ESL learners, and others, to grow in their reading abilities and increase their appreciation of the characters that follow Jesus.

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