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CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish – Nature Lion Donates 150 Mushroom Growing Kits to Kids

A mushroom kit can spark a lot of inspiration in a young child’s mind.

A small Canadian mushroom farm is doing its part by inspiring less fortunate kids and families.

BRANTFORD, ONTARIO, CANADA, December 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Bringing The Joy of Mushroom Growing Kits To Over 150 Children In Canada

This Canadian company is spreading joy over the holidays, and their reasoning is significant. Nature Lion Mushroom Farm will donate 150 of their awe-inspiring mushroom growing kits to kids this holiday season. Donations are being made to the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish. This generous act comes at a perfect time – just a few weeks before the holiday season begins.

Giving The Gift of Inspiration to Canadians

A mushroom growing kit is a gift that can inspire minds and provide kids with nutritional food – not only that but a feeling of empowerment and independence might also be acquired in the process. This is why Nature Lion is choosing to donate kits to kids via the CP24 Chum Christmas Wish. It’s a great feeling to give – especially when it can inspire a child’s life.

Why Mushroom Kits Are The Ideal Toy Drive Donation

The main problem facing toy drive donations is a lack of gifts for tweens and teens (ages 10 – 17), and mushroom kits can be a solution – why? Because they can be grown by any age group, including teenagers.

Watching mushrooms grow can be fascinating! This process might be an awakening into a greater sense of one’s health and well-being. Those who have grown food indoors or in a backyard garden – know that satisfaction can come as a result.

Nature Lion offers a few ways to help send an inspirational gift to kids.

The first way is to purchase a mushroom kit from the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish product page. Nature Lion has reduced the price of mushroom growing kits to maximize the impact. For only $15 on the website, a kit can be purchased for a child in need.

Another way to help boost spirits this Christmas is by directly supporting this small Ontario-based mushroom farm. That’s right – the company is giving a mushroom kit to a kid for anyone who spends $100 on their website.

This Year Brings New Varieties of Mushrooms

Another thing that Nature Lion is doing that is elevating the mushroom growing experience is – coming out with new varieties of kits to offer their customers. This year brings the chestnut mushroom kit and the blue oyster kit. Both varieties can be grown quickly at home in 2-4 weeks with just a few sprays of water daily.

These new grow kits have been a welcome addition to the already excellent product line offered in Nature Lion’s shop. The commitment to quality is evident, and so far, new varieties have been spotlighted every year. (carefully selected for home growing of course)

An Ongoing Mission to Help Humanity (and Kids)

The company’s mission is to inspire people to live happier (and healthier) lives by fostering a love of growing nutrient-rich mushrooms at home. Follow them in their mission by visiting the website and subscribing to the email list – a mushroom coffee will be donated to brighten a random person’s day.

A Feel-Good Message, Powered by Mushrooms

A big thanks goes out to everyone for their support in 2023. Being a small farm – we depend on the local support of Canadians. Just a single purchase can go a long way (to the farm), and if you decide to buy a growing kit for a kid – that would be most helpful!

Let’s build a stronger community together – with food.

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