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Crazy Lamp Lady Comments on Her Trip to Heart of Ohio Antiques

Crazy Lamp Lady travels to the heart of Springfield, Ohio, to visit America’s biggest and best antique center, Heart of Ohio Antiques.

CARLISLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “You know what I just realized is I think this is alexandrite glass. Look, it’s blue, and now it’s purple!” Jocelyn Elizabeth exclaimed.

The beautiful, texturized alexandrite glass vase is only one of many that Jocelyn finds in her search for treasures at the popular Heart of Ohio Antique Center.

Better recognized by YouTube and Facebook audiences as the Crazy Lamp Lady, Jocelyn is a small business owner selling vintage goods to consumers globally. She films and shares a majority of her shopping adventures through antique malls, thrift stores, and flea markets.

Crazy Lamp Lady recently ventured to an antique center in Springfield, Ohio, named Heart of Ohio Antiques. Heart of Ohio has been deemed the biggest and best place to go antique shopping in America. This giant antique center hosts over 800 vendors in its roofed and climate-controlled facility, expanding to over 122,000 square feet. Shoppers can get lost browsing through the 1,425 booths and showcases within the building. When viewed from start to finish, the Heart of Ohio Antiques has exactly one mile of booths and showcases.

At Heart of Ohio Antiques, the Crazy Lamp Lady was on the hunt for merchandise that she could buy and flip for a profit. She noted that whenever she goes through Springfield, she always stops at Heart of Ohio Antiques for a round of shopping. For this particular stop, the Crazy Lamp Lady begins her search by observing the cases.

“I just love looking through the cases; they have really amazing stuff,” she commented.

Jocelyn often finds pieces in cases where she cannot see a price tag, which happens several times during this shopping trip while browsing. Fortunately, the antique mall is well-staffed, and a staff member is usually nearby to lend a hand and open the case. They have several staff members stationed throughout the antique center.

After moving on from the cases, she comes across a unique, elegant bronze lamp with sculptural detail, which turns out to be an art deco lamp designed by Olive Kooken. She recalls having an Olive Kooken lamp in the past that she sold for a lower price due to its rougher shape than the one that she finds at Heart of Ohio Antiques.

Other treasures that the Crazy Lamp Lady comes across include an original 1700s and early 1800s colonial pottery, a large vintage Higgins glass bowl, spaghetti Ceramic cat figurines from Italy, antique porcelain vases, and more!

To keep up with new Crazy Lamp Lady finds, check out her daily uploads on her YouTube channel here.

About Jocelyn Elizabeth

Jocelyn Elizabeth, known as the Crazy Lamp Lady, owns an online business that sells vintage treasures to customers worldwide. She posts daily video content where she shares her many shopping adventures with her dedicated Facebook and YouTube audiences. When she’s not treasure hunting, she enjoys metal detecting and spending time with her children.

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