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Dino Rizzo Recaps the Giving Hope Christmas Market

Dino Rizzo, a 35-year ministry veteran, is pleased to recap the successful Giving Hope Christmas Market, an annual event hosted by Church of the Highlands.

BIRMINGHAM, AL, USA, January 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dino Rizzo, a 35-year ministry veteran and co-founder of Healing Place Church, is excited to recap this year’s very successful Giving Hope Christmas Market.

Hosted annually by Church of the Highlands (a megachurch located in Birmingham, Alabama), the event provides families in need with a Christmas shopping mall experience. Participants gather to shop for Christmas gifts for their children free of charge.

Church of the Highlands hosts this event annually to provide gifts to members of the community who otherwise might not be able to provide such luxuries to their children. This is yet another way the church can share how generous and loving Jesus is with members of their community while also meeting their physical needs.

The Giving Hope Christmas Market was held at 25 different locations in Georgia and Alabama on December 9. Local community centers and schools nominated families they believed would be a great fit for the event.

Members of Church of the Highlands volunteered to sponsor a family for the event. In doing so, they helped family members shop and provided them with gifts for their children based on the age group and gender of their choice.

On his Instagram page, Dino Rizzo posted the following message after the Giving Hope Christmas Market: “I am always blown away by the generosity of our church. Because of you, so many children and families will have a Christmas this year and even better, HOPE.”

Dino Rizzo highlighted a situation where a family showed up and both parents were deaf. Organizers of the event searched for volunteers who knew sign language, then received a response from someone in the crowd who said they did.

“She then walked them through the entire Giving Hope experience and was even able to sign the salvation prayer to them so both parents to accept Jesus!” Dino Rizzo wrote. “They said they’re coming back for Christmas service, and they plan on getting plugged into the Church!”

According to Church of the Highlands, the Giving Hope Christmas Market is about more than just helping families put gifts under the tree for their children. It’s about giving the lifelong gift of hope, which is accomplished by meeting the practical needs of families and children throughout the local community.

After families were paired with a personal host at each Giving Hope Christmas Market location, the host helped them shop for gifts for their children. Locations also had a team of volunteers to wrap the gifts for the families and ministry teams to pray with them.

It’s an event that had a lasting impact on a number of families, according to Dino Rizzo.

On its Instagram page, Church of the Highlands wrote, “One of the families we had the chance to meet came to service, gave their lives to Jesus, and were all baptized. The mom said in the tank that ‘it was time for her to go all in with God and set the example for [her] children.’ We’re so inspired by this mom and her faith.”

To Giving Hope, it’s always been about more than just presents. It’s about the ultimate form of HOPE: Jesus Christ.

About Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo, a 35-year ministry veteran, co-founded Healing Place Church with his wife, DeLynn, where he served as senior pastor for two decades. Through his passion for inspiring believers to serve their communities, he also founded Servolution.

Rizzo is the Executive Director of ARC (Association of Related Churches), where he oversees the planting of over 1,000 churches worldwide, and is on the Senior Leadership Team at Church of the Highlands. He is also the author of Serve Your City: How to Do It and Why It Matters.

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