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Doreen Rose Invites Readers to a Photographic, Historical Trip in “Come with Us to the Promised Land”

CHULA VISTA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Readers will experience and develop a better understanding of the events outlined in the Bible as Doreen Rose publishes Come with Us to the Promised Land: A Pictorial Biblical Encounter with PageTurner Press and Media.

In a Readers’ Favorite book review, Mamta Madhavan gave descriptions of this memoir, “It is a book where biblical history comes alive and where readers see the land God promised to his people. It is a book that every traveler will enjoy, and it will also prepare them for their visit to these places.”

Doreen Rose first traveled to Israel in 2012, and then went back in 2014, with the company of six friends. Ruffina Oserio wrote a well-articulated book review in Readers’ Favorite, “From ancient ruins to well-preserved religious sites, from sweepingly gorgeous views of locales to historic spots filled with biblical significance, the author guides readers, image after image, allowing them a strong feel of the reality.” Ruffina ended the book review stating, “Come with Us to the Promised Land: A Pictorial Biblical Encounter allows readers to spiritually revisit the Promised Land and creates a deep longing to physically be there.”

Doreen Rose’s friendly narration, which focuses on faith-based locations; photography; and history, puts readers alongside Jesus as it follows the paths that he walked. A Readers’ Favorite book review by K.C. Finn expounded that it was as though Doreen Rose “is our tour guide on a really interesting time-traveling adventure. The prose makes it easy to imagine these locations at the time in which the Bible was written.”

Rose used her personal trips to deliver this visual and fascinating journey to Israel and Jordan. She visited the actual locations where biblical events took place, and each “features photos, a few tidbits about the place, and thorough references from various Bible verses,” as summarized in Liz Konkel’s book review in Readers’ Favorite.

Giving Doreen Rose’s work a five-star book rating in Readers’ Favorite, Liz Konkel also appreciated how the author produced this book, saying that she “delivers the perfect companion to a Bible study or personal studies that will deepen your understanding of how these places fit into various stories from the Bible. Rose also includes the way animals, people, walls, gates, and agriculture fit into these locations, which gives you a well-rounded sense of what each place is like. The amazing way that Rose uses verses and photography to bring these places to life in a way that will deepen how you read the Bible.”

Doreen Rose is all set to take you to places with the memories she brought with her from her visits. Take part in the tour documented in this book, which has paperback, hardback, and e-book versions available at www.pageturner.us.

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