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Five Things to Do with Teen Photos

Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens- Little Girl Holding Diploma

Tips for taking and organizing photos for parents of teens and high school seniors.

WAYNE, PA, USA, May 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — What are the biggest questions parents of teens have about taking and organizing photos? If your child was born in 2009 or after, they have never lived in a world without an iPhone. But their earliest photos might still be prints or digital photos trapped in an old computer. Parents feel overwhelmed to cross that bridge between print and digital photos…but it’s time.

Those kids born the same time as the iPhone are now high school sophomores and juniors. Parents are trying to respond to school requests for “ten pictures for dance seniors” and “favorite baby picture.” Moms are trying to rationalize putting together graduation photos when they never quite got the baby book done.

Two photo professionals have some tips to ease the stress of senior year and celebrate your teen in style. Darla DeMorrow, professional photo organizer and owner of HeartWork Organizing based in Wayne, PA has teamed up with Dottie Foley, professional photographer and senior portrait specialist based in West Chester, PA.

Five Things to Do with Teen Photos

1. Let teens pose for photos their way

Does your teen avoid having their picture taken? Hate their baby pictures? Always want to take a “silly” picture? Do all of their pictures look too staged? A seasoned pro photographer can work with them to get the shot you want. You can learn to do it, too.

2. Are people still printing photos?

Yes, photo prints still matter, especially to the most photographed generation in history.

3. What are the big trends with teen photos?

Not surprisingly, videos are hot with these kids. Many people now edit prints and video clips into a custom production featuring their teens for a unique gift.

4. Want to decorate your home with family photos?

You get to tell the story of your family. The photos you hang in your home help shape the memories your kids will take with them always. It takes less time than you think to print and hang your favorite photos. You don’t need to feel like you are “behind.” It’s never too late to feature your favorite people, and updating your home with photos can be easier than you think.

5. Mark Your Favorite Photos

If your important photos are already digital, you have a very powerful tool already in your hands…the favorites button. On Apple it’s called the heart; on other platforms it’s called the star, flag, or tag. You don’t have to organize every single photo you’ve ever taken. Just mark your favorites. This will go a long way toward getting your teen’s photos organized, and you can start today with the photos on your phone.

Already feeling overwhelmed about photos for your child’s senior year or high school in general?

Darla and Dottie have both been there. You still have time to capture unique moments that will never come again. This duo is hosting an online event to share expert tips to reduce your photo anxiety, let you enjoy this season of your life, and capture it forever with photos. Register for the free seminar, Organizing Photos for Parents of Teens on May 13, 2023.

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