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Free Pro Football Personal Wagering Analytics Website Promises to be a Pro Football Fan’s New Best Friend

The next generation of an office pool party is here. Join for free today!

Pass-Sports.net is home to free personal pro football wagering analytics and the next generation office pool party.

Pass-Sports.net is home to free personal pro football wagering analytics and the next generation office pool party.

Introducing PA$$, American Pro Football Personal Wagering Analytics Plus Next Generation Pool Parties—both 100% Free to Join.

PA$$ removes a major blind spot for millions of fans wagering on pro football games weekly and throughout the season. Now every fan can easily track their personal analytical wagering data for free.”

— Brad Morse

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, September 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Not much is certain these days but death, taxes … and the final score of an American pro football game. But after the day or night’s unalterable results, pro football handicappers are left to simply lick their wounds, or count their winnings and move on to next week’s schedule. In doing so, it’s without a second look back at tracking the past week’s results, and failure to analyze or use valuable analytical information.

Everyone wagering knows that winners one week can easily turn into losers the next. What if there was a way to get an extra analytical edge unique to each PA$$ Member, before next week’s wagers? And it was 100% free? This unique personal analytical edge not only lasts all season but expands each week with personal wagering analytics accumulating all season long.

Introducing PA$$. (Personal Analytics and Sports Statistics), available only on www.PASS-Sports.Net. PA$$ displays personal analytical results with easy-to-read data tools and charts and is available 24/7 via the cloud. PA$$ is 100% free to join and use throughout the entire 17-game season and the playoffs.

As Brad Morse, co-founder of PA$$ shared, “PA$$ removes a major blind spot for the millions of fans wagering on American pro football games every week and throughout the season. We let every fan easily track their personal analytical wagering data results as the season progresses, in just a few seconds. It’s our bet that the PA$$ Member’s ability to read and evaluate their own personal analytical results on a team-by-team, bet-by-bet basis will lead to smarter decisions throughout the season, as their own personal analytics will push each PA$$ Member in the right direction with a greater likelihood of success overall.”

How does PA$$ work, exactly? PA$$ records each PA$$ Member’s unique personal wagering analytics data for every game wagered on (for both the team bet on and against). No bets are placed on/through the PA$$ website. PA$$ allows each Member to record their own “BETS” placed legally as well as straight analytical (non-wagered) “Picks” on the site.

PA$$ automatically records, (and post-game, immediately calculates) the Member’s results and provides that personal analytical data. Members can record every BET and Pick they’ve made for each week’s schedule – including Against the Spread (“ATS”), Over/Unders (“O/U”), as well as Money Line bets and teases (from +/- 1 point up to +/- 10 points).

By recording the Member’s personal analytical data from their BETS and Picks of the week’s games, PA$$ helps identify “Strong” trends regarding teams successfully BET on (and bet against), as well as wagers seeing the greatest successes (and conversely, the greatest consistent disappointments). PA$$ provides each Member with a never-before-available reservoir of pro football personal analytics data and statistical analysis through its charts and data all 100% free for any American pro football fan throughout the season and playoffs.

PA$$ “Pool Parties”—Dive In!

PA$$ is not just for the serious (or casual) wagerer though. PA$$ also includes a 100% free “Pool Party” Option for each PA$$ Member. This unique feature gives each PA$$ Member the ability to create and launch their own private office pro football pool by becoming a PA$$ “Lifeguard” to their Pool Party. Each private Pool Party can hold up to 25 “Pool Party Guests”, with each Member able to create up to five private pro football Pool Parties. Dive in today to create an exclusive Pool Party and invite guests prior to the pro football season kickoff this Thursday night, September 7th, 2023.

For media inquiries on how PA$$ is a GameChanger for those betting on American pro football, email sgeorge@Pass-sports.net or call 214-878-2390. To gain instant and free membership to both PA$$ and the Pool Party, just sign up today. Get ready to win, lose, and this season—LEARN from wise selections and ill-advised hunches.


PA$$ is a 100% free revolutionary platform using a proprietary, proven formula to quickly record, track, and provide an immediate analysis of each Member’s personal analytical data for every American pro football “BET” or Pick made through the site throughout the entire 2023 season. PA$$ is a new American pro football go-to website for all things related to personal wagering analytics, sports statistics, and always free pro football pools. Experience it all for free now.


Brad Morse
+1 214-878-2390
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Next Generation Pro Football Office Pool via an Automated Pool Party

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