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GracePoint Publishing Offers Key Benefits of Starting a Publishing Press

GracePoint Publishing, the premier publishing house for creatives, thought leaders, and world changers. GracePoint has over 10 presses each with their own unique collection of books.

Publishing house, GracePoint Publishing, sheds light on an evolving trend in business and publishing and the benefits of owning a publishing press.

By having your own press, you can take control of your own piece of the publishing industry, earn passive income, and build your brand and credibility in your industry.”

— Michelle Vandepas, Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In today’s competitive business landscape, owning a publishing press or imprint can be a game changer for building a brand and increasing credibility as an industry expert. GracePoint Publishing, a woman-owned publishing company, is making it easy for people and brands to have their own piece of the publishing industry without the hassle of starting their own publishing company.

A press or imprint is a publishing label that is used to brand a collection of books or a particular author’s work. By owning a publishing press, brands can define themselves by publishing written works in a way that is consistent with their values and message. This can help to enhance credibility, build brand reputation, and increase visibility in the press’s industry.

One of the main benefits of having a press is the opportunity to earn passive income through royalties. When brands, businesses, or thought leaders own their own press, publishing books through that press can earn press owners a percentage of the profits each time someone purchases a book associated with their press. This can provide a valuable source of income for authors and experts who want to monetize their expertise and knowledge.

Another benefit of having a press is that it takes all the headaches out of working with distributors, designing books, and problem-solving when obstacles arise out of the process. By working with a publishing company like GracePoint, authors and experts can focus on what they do best – creating content and sharing their message with the world – while leaving the technical and logistical details to the experts. The company’s experienced team can help clients bring their books to life and ensure that they are published to the highest standards.

“We believe that everyone has a story within them, and we want to help them tell it in the best way possible,” said Michelle Vandepas, co-founder of GracePoint Publishing. “By having a press, anyone can can take control of their own piece of the publishing industry, earn passive income, and build their brand and credibility in their industry.”

To learn more about GracePoint Publishing’s Presses and their offerings for businesses, coaches, and thought leaders to have their own piece of the publishing industry, book a call with a member of their leadership team or visit their website at www.gracepointpublishing.com.

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