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Master Musician, Dragonfly Percussion Team Up For Two New Mallets Designed for Singing Bowls and Gongs

Douglas Cardwell with the new Lotus3 mallets

Douglas Cardwell, sound healer, percussionist, founder of Lotus Sound Bath teams with Dragonfly Percussion for two new products to singing bowl & gong world.

For maximum efficiency and minimal mallet changes during sound healing and sound immersion practice, the Lotus³ mallets are the perfect choice.”

— Douglas Cardwell

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO, USA, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Douglas Cardwell, sound healer, percussionist and founder of Lotus Sound Bath in Albuquerque, NM, has teamed up with Dragonfly Percussion to bring two entirely new products to the singing bowl and gong world.

Lotus³ mallets are 3-in-1 implements designed to strike and sing crystal singing bowls and gongs – all with one mallet. The Lotus³ Alpha is a Resonance Medium Soft gong mallet wrapped in rust colored fleece so musicians and sound healers can effortlessly transition between playing singing bowls and gongs without changing mallets. The Lotus³ Beta has a smaller purple fleece-wrapped mallet head ideal for safely striking bowls, resulting in a warm, full-bodied sound.

“For maximum efficiency and minimal mallet changes during sound healing and sound immersion practice, the Lotus³ mallets are the perfect choice,” says Cardwell. “Both mallets feature a soft purple silicone handle and high-density green silicone ball. The purple handle creates a super smooth fade-in/fade-out effect when rubbed along the lip of the bowl. The silicone ball allows for louder, more robust friction on the side of the bowl. Transitioning between the silicone ball and handle is easy and seamless.”

The collaboration between Lotus Sound Bath and Dragonfly Percussion came about because both Cardwell and Dinesh Joseph of Dragonfly are orchestral percussionists and timpanists by training. “The orchestral world is extremely small and tight knit, and so it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed,” says Joseph. “When Douglas reached out about collaborating on mallets for crystal bowls, I was excited because of his excellent reputation as a timpanist and the fact that as sound healers and percussionists, we would be speaking the same language. I was also aware that Douglas is a keen business person, and brings valuable product insight and expertise. Once we got to talking, it was immediately clear that we connected well and were going to craft something great together.”

Lotus³ mallets can be found at https://dragonflypercussion.com/collections/singing-bowl-1/products/lotus3-l3 and at these retailers: Steve Weiss Music; Gongs Unlimited/Unlimited Singing Bowls; Thomann Musik (Germany/EU); The Gong Shop; Sunreed Instruments; Sound Healing Instrument Shop.

About Lotus Sound Bath

Lotus Sound Bath offers expertly crafted vibrational experiences designed to attune the body, clear the mind and lift the spirit. Master Percussionist and former Principal Timpanist for the New Mexico Philharmonic, Douglas Cardwell brings his expertise in soothing sounds and contemplative tones to the realm of meditation. With certifications from The Medicine of Sound Wellness Center in British Columbia, and Duality energy and healing training with Jeffery Allen plus over 30 years’ experience in private instruction, Cardwell brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of sound meditation and sound healing. With his passion for music and personal wellbeing, he can share with others the path to enlightenment and renewed positive energy. For more information about Lotus Sound Bath, to hear a sample of a sound bath, or to book an appointment, visit www.lotussoundbath.com or call 505-393-9746.

About Dragonfly Percussion

Dragonfly Percussion was started by Dinesh Joseph in the back hallway percussion workshop at the Juilliard School in 2000. First there was one solitary pair of Magic Flute sticks. Then Steve Weiss Music got wind of them and suddenly, there were many pairs, plus several other models, in quick succession. Dragonfly’s product line has expanded many fold, secured endorsements from some of the finest players in the world and are now shipped worldwide. For more information about Dragonfly Percussion, visit https://dragonflypercussion.com/ or email [email protected]

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