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Michael Joseph Mahn Piques Interests Through the Shadows of Two Different Pasts in Killing Time

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PageTurner Press and Media refined once again its library of mystery, suspense, and thriller books with Michael Joseph Mahn’s Killing Time that garnered a notable book recognition from the Pacific Book Review and a recommendation from The US Review of Books.

Mahn has woven a story inspired by the infamous 1963 JFK assassination through the eyes of two men, Henry and the Kid. Henry Xavier O’Grady is a retired district attorney and a writer who has a complicated, mysterious past. Prior to his success in the US, Henry was confronted with traumas and losses in Ireland. Meanwhile, Martin “The Kid” Montague opened up that he has definitive insights about the Kennedy assassination, necessitating a life on the run before settling in New Orleans and befriending Henry. This novel revolves around their odd friendship and decision to find solace in their shared pain.

Commending its ideal balance of fast-paced action and tension-fueled exposition scenes, a Readers’ Favorite book review by K.C. Finn spoke highly of Mahn’s “underlying but sharply astute assessment of the machinations of American government and politics that was disconcertingly apt” and the “clear wealth of research and insight into the history, law, and crime that makes the novel feel all the more realistic.”

Keith Mbuya seconded this in a book review in Readers’ Favorite affirming that Mahn “describes the traits and emotions of wonderfully developed characters boldly,” making it easy for him to connect with them.

For Joe Kilgore, Michael Joseph Mahn is “a writer as comfortable with wit and irony as he is with derring-do and danger,” as he asserted in his book review in The US Review of Books. Switching between backstories and present-day events, the mysteries in the story are layered well in a tension-inducing way that leans into the dynamics between Henry and the Kid. Mahn’s effortless narration style gave the storyline a beautiful flow.

Killing Time is a perfect read for those who enjoy mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. Keith Mbuya was hooked on this novel that kept him “on edge with tension, thrills, suspense, sensational action, and secrets.” He added, “Mahn hatches an intriguing plot, featuring ingenious and remarkable twists and an awesomely exciting cast.”

For Pikasho Deka in another Readers’ Favorite book review, “Killing Time does not have a single unmemorable scene or moment where you don’t feel entertained.”

Obtain this highly engaging thriller by Michael Joseph Mahn in hardback, paperback, and e-book formats from www.pageturner.us.

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