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MK Games Launches The Great Reward Remote for Children

The Great Reward Remote

The product is a modern version of the chore chart for family gaming.

BOSTON, MA, USA, November 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Today marks the official launch of The Great Reward Remote, a concept developed by MK Games LLC, in conjunction with Mark Kieran based out of South Weymouth, MA. The product is a modern version of the classic chore chart where goals can be tracked and achieved in a fun way.

The initial idea was developed so children and parents can plan out objectives together. It has an interactive wall placard where children can track their progress towards a fun reward. When 5 or 10 points are earned, the child gets to choose their reward. The “remote” has light up buttons and voice recordings that allow children to choose from 10 different reward types, once point goals are met. Examples of the reward types include playing outdoors, watching a movie, and the kid’s choice button, which allows the child to make up their own reward. The Great Reward Remote is being hailed as the modern version of the star chart and chore chart and instills values such as patience, good behavior, and good habits in young children. and, the best part is that children can choose their reward once their goals are met.

“The Great Reward Remote’s concept was imagined over a family dinner as a fun idea to let the children be in charge for once. I asked my sons what they would do if they could remote control me, and one of them said ‘I would make you dance like a chicken!’ An idea was born, and we quickly realized all the benefits that could be experienced by parents and children alike. I developed this product as a fun, interactive way to engage with our children and encourage good behavior and habits, while offering them fun rewards.” said Mark Kieran.

The Great Reward Remote can be purchased directly at greatrewardremote.com for $39.95.

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