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Mod-Fence Systems Announces Upgraded Sport Outfield Fencing

Mod-Sport 7ft Outfield Fence Panels

Mod-Sport 7ft Sport Outfield Fence

Mod-Sport 7ft Sport Outfield Fence

New 7ft Outfield Sport Fence System

New 7ft Outfield Sport Fence System

Mod-Fence Systems announces the launch of an advanced flexible outfield fence system to save clients on shipping and storage costs.

Hit a home run anywhere with Mod-Sport portable outfield fencing panels!”

— Gauro Coen

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mod-Fence Systems, the leading supplier and distributor of modular, premium and portable vinyl PVC and sport outfield fencing, is proud to announce the launch of an advanced outfield fence system that will reduce shipping costs for clients and save clients time in sport outfield fence setup, take down, storage and transport.

The new Mod-Sport 7ft Outfield Fence is designed to provide customers with a durable, yet lightweight outfield fence solution for games and leagues of all sizes. Mod-Sport is built for quick install and break down in just a matter of minutes without any tools and can be used over and over again to accommodate any age group.

The upgraded Mod-Sport 7ft Fence offers greater ease of use, functionality and flexibility. The freestanding outfield fence can be used on natural or synthetic turf to build baseball, softball, soccer fields and more of any size. Clients can change up their field fencing layout in a matter of minutes between games.

Mod-Sport 7ft Outfield Fencing comes with special TechnoTip joints that allow the base to fold flat, preventing potential injuries by collapsing during on-field collisions and allows for simple transportation and storage.

Lightweight and easy to move, Mod-Sport 7ft Sport Fencing is perfect for sporting and other outdoor events at high schools, universities, parks, community leagues, and sport-plexes of all sizes. Available in two different mesh color options (white and black), the portable and reusable sport fence panels allow sport fields the option to host teams and leagues of all age ranges.

Mod-Fence Systems is continuing to lead the way in the event and sport fencing industry. Their expanded product line is a testament to this commitment, and is designed to provide customers with the flexibility to create a custom outfield fencing solution that meets their specific needs.


Mod-Fence Systems, LLC. specializes in selling and renting premium, portable and modular fencing for tent events, amusement parks, golf courses, state fairs and any location where an attractive, yet durable, space delineator is required.

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