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Pantomime Introduces Reality Construction Kit with Stunning Realism for Pro iPhones and iPads at Augmented World Expo

Seamless Virtual Balls Cross Real Furniture

Shown: animated Sling to pull down with Add and Rubout buttons

Create whole AR worlds with 3 buttons. Advanced buttons offer even more control.

Reality Construction Kit app placard with icon

Leveraging Apple’s unique handheld LiDAR in a simple kid-friendly interface, Reality Construction Kit is the Physical Simulation Kit for Augmented Reality

Unlike other apps, Pantomime’s stunning physics requires the LiDAR in Apple’s handheld Pro platform, so it’s uniquely suited to Apple’s Pro augmented reality headset expected for launch next week.”

— Pantomime CEO David Levitt

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 2, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Today at the Augmented World Expo 2023 conference, Pantomime Corporation presented an easy new Reality Construction Kit, the most advanced physical simulation app for iPhone Pro and iPad Pro devices — available free at the App Store today.

Conference attendees saw and interacted with the app, which captures the shape of the room and objects in it using the Pro devices’ 3D LiDAR camera, letting users build and play in highly realistic AR scenes.

The app provides detailed physics for a wide range of objects, including various balls, slippery ice cubes, darts, cardboard boxes, plastic crates, dominos and more. Virtual objects bounce and flow seamlessly across real furniture, walls, floors, stairs, and virtual structures like tracks and planks.

Along with cutting edge physics, uncanny realism is achieved via shadows and reflections based on the real scene, and vivid directional 3D collision sounds.

Users can Sling items into the scene, near or far, by pulling a simple sling shot control, or Tack items in to build things — all in one continuous live environment.

The app offers a growing Reality Store with in-app purchases. Today’s release lets users play with every item in the Store in combination, using new free and paid Unlock All Items features.

Celebrating today’s release, users can play with every item in the Store for 30 days for 99 cents. The Balls in-app purchase enabling Basketballs, Footballs, Volleyballs and Bowling Balls is also currently free.

Previous releases of Reality Construction Kit had a more complex interface. Today’s release is both simpler and more powerful, with three main buttons: Add, Sling, and Undo. Building while playing is effortless because items know if they prefer to Sling, Drop or Tack into the scene. The app is accessible to 7 year olds who sling objects in apps like Angry Birds, and to all adults.

Video accompanying today’s release shows the simple new interface screen; slippery ice cubes and rolling balls flowing over furniture, tumbling down stairs and through user-created courses; scoring baskets by slinging, darts that stick into objects, a ball knocking over a line of dominos, and more.

Reality Construction Kit is available free today for all twelve iPad Pro and iPhone Pro and Pro Max devices introduced since 2020.

David Levitt
Pantomime Corporation
+1 7073183456
email us here

Reality Construction Kit objects embrace stairs and furniture, followed by app overview

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