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Part 1 of Collaboration to Celebrate Launch Begins Dec 1st

Create magical syntheses that were once only possible in the game!

Psaro and Rose make their first appearance at Dragon Quest Island!

*All screenshots shown were taken during development.

*All screenshots shown were taken during development.

AWAJI CITY, HYOGO PREFECTURE, JAPAN, December 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nijigen no Mori, an anime theme park located in Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park, will hold a variety of special campaigns at its “Dragon Quest Island: The Ancient Genie and the Guided Adventurers” attraction to celebrate the launch of “Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince”. The game, which goes on sale on Friday, December 1st, is the latest installment in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. Part one of the collaboration campaign will include three events! In the “Synthesis Stamp Rally”, visitors can choose two monsters from a selection of five and use stamps to combine them into a brand new creature! Somewhere within the attraction, visitors can also find “Psaro and Roses’s Message”, featuring the game’s protagonist and his companion, and take a commemorative photo. Meanwhile, at shop and restaurant Luida’s Bar, the Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince game and official merchandise will be available for purchase.

The latest Dragon Quest Monsters title has arrived just in time as the series welcomes its 25th anniversary. This winter, visitors at Dragon Quest Island can embark on real-life adventures with their favorite characters and monsters, joining their fellow Dragon Quest fans for a great adventure.

■ Summary
Dates: Friday, December 1st – Sunday, March 31st, 2024
*Nijigen no Mori’s winter holiday closures will occur during this period. Details will be provided on the official website.
Location: Areas of Dragon Quest Island
Fee: Free of charge *Separate entry ticket must be purchased
①Synthesis Stamp Rally
At a stamp booth within the attraction, visitors can choose two monster stamps from a selection of five, then press the stamps onto the provided paper and bring it to the Weapon Shop staff to receive a sticker of their monster synthesis and the picture book-style “Psaro and Rose” booklet.
②Psaro and Roses’s Message
Discover the message left within the attraction by the protagonist and his companion from Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. It’s the perfect spot for a commemorative photo!
③Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince Special Merchandise Sale
During the campaign period only, the Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince game and official merchandise will be available for purchase at shop and restaurant Luida’s Bar.
Website: https://nijigennomori.com/en/dragonquestisland/
Note: Information regarding part two of the campaign to be announced at a later date.

■ (Reference) “Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince” Outline
Dragon Quest Monsters is a popular companion series to the mainline Dragon Quest series of games. Players raise and fuse various monsters which become companions on their adventure. The first installment in the series, Dragon Quest Monsters, was released in 1998, and will this year welcome its 25th anniversary. The newest game features Psaro, who first appeared in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen, as its protagonist. The player follows Psaro and the companions he meets on his journey, an elven girl named Rose and a human boy, Toilen, as they venture forth into a world of magic and darkness. The game features more than 500 kinds of monsters and an advanced Synthesis system that builds on that of previous installments. New combinations make it possible to create powerful demons and never-before-seen monsters in addition to familiar favorites. Online connectivity also allows players to challenge other monster masters from around the world! 
Official website: https://dragonquest.square-enix-games.com/games/en-us/dqmonsters/

◆ Product Information ◆
■ Title: Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince
■ Platform: Nintendo Switch
■ Genre: RPG
■ Number of players: 1
*Features online connectivity.
*Only 1 save file may be created.
*For multiple players, each player must have a separate copy of the game software.
■ Release date: Friday, December 1st, 2023 (Planned)
■ Price: Standard Edition [Physical/Digital] …… 7,678 yen (including tax) 
Masters Edition [Physical/Digital] …… 11,198 yen (including tax)
*Limited copies of Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince (Super Masters Edition) will be available from the Square Enix e-STORE and Loppi/HMV (Japan only).
*The main game included in the Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince (Super Masters Edition) will be the physical edition.
■ CERO Age Classification: B
Official website: https://dragonquest.square-enix-games.com/games/en-us/dqmonsters/
*Nintendo Switch is a trademark of Nintendo.


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