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Rae Lim’s Impact in the Gaming Realm

Rae Lim at the Voice Arts Awards

Miao Ying the Storm Dragon

Sonetto – Reverse 1999

A nomination for “Best Performance – Gaming” in the One Voice Awards, Rae also voices Sonetto in Reverse 1999, which has 5 million downloads since release.

It’s important to me that we paid tribute to the lore and I’m glad they trusted me with bringing her character to life.”

— Rae Lim

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, December 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Total War: Warhammer III, the highly acclaimed strategy game released in 2022, has achieved a significant milestone of 36 million copies sold. Grand Cathay has been the most played faction in Asia, as revealed on Creative Assembly’s social media. Helmed by the Iron Dragon and the Storm Dragon, the faction of Grand Cathay is the largest empire in the Warhammer World, consisting mostly of humans, ruled over by immortal dragons who can take human form.

One of these Dragons – the Storm Dragon – features Rae Lim as the voice behind Miao Ying. This stirred public interest, leading to inquiries about her ethnicity. Despite the character being described as “Chinese-accented,” the Creative Assembly team drew inspiration from the accomplished Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, an Oscar winner.

In an effort to capture the essence of the character, Rae dedicated extensive time to studying Michelle Yeoh’s interviews and speeches, resulting in a voice that seamlessly blends elements of both actresses and incorporates the mythical aspects of a dragon in human form. This nuanced portrayal has earned Rae Lim a nomination at the prestigious One Voice Awards this year.

Additionally, Rae has recently been the livestream host of a globally successful game thanks to her captivating portrayal of Sonetto in Bluepoch’s debut time travel title, “Reverse: 1999.” As the game celebrates its one-month anniversary in the West following a global launch on October 26, 2023, it has proven to be a prolific month of success.

“Reverse: 1999” has successfully expanded its reach outside of China, achieving a noteworthy milestone of $15 million in lifetime net revenue across nearly five million downloads. Rae’s performance as Sonetto in “Reverse: 1999” has resonated with players, and a recent Reddit AMA session allowed fans to interact directly with the actress, addressing questions about the character’s ethnicity.

In 2024, we will see Rae play a co-star role on “Arthur’s Whisky”, a film with Diane Keaton, Patricia Hodge and Lulu, also guest starring Boy George, as well as other game titles which cannot be disclosed.

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The Dawn of Grand Cathay

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