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Robots in entertainment, art and film

The Zone 28 arm in action

zone 28 touch screen

select the product you want on a touch screen

R17 in itatu booth

R17 in itatu booth

ST robots can be fun too!

The Zone 28 system is the first of it’s kind anywhere. Itatu are also breaking new ground in a growing market for wearables. And Pindar Van Armen brings AI and robotics into the world of art.”

— CEO of ST Robotics, serial inventor David Sands

PRINCETON, NJ, USA, May 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Increasingly robots are finding applications in the entertainment industry. Often that is coupled with vending functions, so the robot entertains you then sells you something.
Here are some examples

 Exciting vending application with an R12 on a linear track

>> ST Robotics supplied an R12 on a linear track to Zone 28 in Pittsburg PA.

ST Robotics supplied the robot and the track together with pneumatics for vacuum pickup.

The whole setup was developed and programmed by Gregg Jackson at Zone 28 including programming the touch screens. A customer chooses the item he/she wants on the touch screen and pays using token cards. The robot then fetches his/her selection from shelves behind the robot and drops it down a chute for the customer to retrieve.

For flat packs like beef jerky or candy arranged in piles the robot searches down to find the top of the pile. A change in vacuum pressure tells the robot it has reached a pack then to stop downward motion and head back up again holding the pack. All this is easily programmed in the embedded robot software called RoboForth. Control of the robot is all from the embedded software and the PCs just need to send ASCII commands.

ST provided additional software to handle the search function and the vacuum generator and sensors. Gregg Jackson did the rest.

You can see the whole system in action on Youtube:

https://youtu.be/soWvq-h6vA8 (jump to about 12:15 to see the robot).

 Airbrush body art

ST Robotics has been collaborating with Itatu in providing R17 robot arms for airbrush body art aka tattoos. No, the robot is not wielding an actual tattoo pen!

This is a whole new field for robotics. The developer, Chris Martin has been running trials for some time and the concept is proven and safe. It is part of a 23B$ growing market for wearables.

 In the art world Pindar Van Arman is using an R17 robot arm to paint portraits, using AI and machine learning. You can see the robot in action on Youtube:


 ST robots are in films too, such as Space Precinct, This Means War and The Last Mimzy

 About ST Robotics:

ST Robotics has been in business making robots for 30 years. Its R12 robot arm was the first truly industrial arm in such a small size. ST have taken a modular approach to options to keep costs to a minimum with options such as a small electric grippers, miniature 6th axis module and a unique miniature vacuum pickup. ST also provides the larger R17 robot arm including a very high speed version (that is 3 times as fast as the nearest competition), the R19 cylindrical format arm and the R18 delta format arm as well as dozens of accessories.

 About Zone 28

Based in Pittsburgh PA , Zone 28 is a big family fun center with 33 bowling lanes, over 85 arcade games. They are at 2525 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15328 if you want to visit.

 About Itatu

Based in Myrtle Beach, SC. They are at 509 9th Ave N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

David Sands
ST Robotics
+1 609-584-7522

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/634284312/robots-in-entertainment-art-and-film

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