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Sabika Jewelry Announces Launch of Winter 2023 Collection

Introducing Winter Sabika 2023

Sabika Winter 2023 Collection

2023 Winter Sabika Collection

The colorful collection is inspired by architecture and features bright metals with eye-catching embellishments

At Sabika, we are firm believers that design has the power to spark joy.”

— Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, Sabika Jewelry CEO & Head Designer

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sabika Jewelry (Sabika), a company by women for everyone headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, is pleased to announce the launch of its Winter 2023 Collection. The new handcrafted collection now available for purchase, features a mix of trendy and timeless pieces featuring bold colors, dazzling jewels and folk-inspired flower beads.

“As we move into the holiday season, I find myself in awe of jewelry’s unique capacity to inspire joy by being a symbol of not only your individual style, but also of all of those special moments we experience throughout the season,” said Alexandra Mayr-Gracik, Sabika Jewelry CEO & Head Designer. “Even the smallest details in this collection are visually impactful and meant to spark feelings of beauty, luxury, self-expression and warm happiness to both the wearer and those who behold it.”

The collection features 10 color stories with curated, coordinated pieces in a range of colors and styles that promise to elevate any cozy winter look. Shapes and colors for all new Sabika collections are informed in trends reports by Sabika founder Karin Mayr who reviews runway fashion trends and develops mood boards that reflect the latest clothing styles and hues.

“Our Winter 2023 color stories feature brightly colored gems, neutral earth tones and classic dark colors fit for winter and every woman’s personal style,” said Karin Mayr, Sabika Jewelry founder and experienced trend forecaster.

To bring the collection to life, Sabika Jewelry always utilizes local women to model their jewelry for their catalogs and website. Mayr-Gracik explained that this shows how the jewelry works for a diversity of looks and lifestyles.

“At Sabika, we are firm believers that design has the power to spark joy,” said Mayr-Gracik. “This collection does just that and I hope that these designs bring you confidence, happiness and, most importantly, a renewed sense of self worth.”

The Sabika Winter 2023 Collection launched on December 1,2023 and will be available for a 3-month period before the next seasonal collection releases. Sabika launches full collections for each season Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, and two ALMI by Sabika Collections each year.

You can view the Sabika Winter 2023 Collection HERE. To learn more about the design philosophy and details of the Winter 2023 Collection Story from Sabika CEO and Head Designer Alexandra Mayr-Gracik HERE.

About Sabika Jewelry

Sabika Jewelry (Sabika) was founded in 2001 by Karin Mayr at the age of 50 with the sole purpose of caring for her family. Determined to build a company to connect women from all communities, her compassion and love have become a cornerstone of Sabika, elevating its product, services and each connection made by the Sabika Family. A women-founded and led, artisan-made brand and Social Selling Platform, it has become a multimillion-dollar family-owned jewelry company.

Founded and headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Sabika uses rare and unique components sourced from leading vendors across Europe. Female artisans throughout Austria and Germany then craft each piece using sustainable and eco-conscious finishing methods. Sabika’s customers and independent stylists span across the United States. Giving back to the community and creating opportunity is part of Sabika’s mission. Since its inception and together with Sabika Stylists, the company has raised over $4.27 million for local and national charities. Visit sabika-jewelry.com to learn more.

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Sabika Winter 2023 Collection

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