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Teen Author Andrea Matei Charms the Young Audience at Barrie Public Library’s Local Author Showcase

Teen Author Andrea Matei reading “Little Girl, Big Imagination: By the Tree”

Andrea signs the first book sold at the Barrie Library at the onset of the Local Author Showcase

“Little Girl, Big Imagination” Childrens Books Displayat the Barrie Library Local Author Showcase

Young readers are drawn to teen author’s warm tone and inviting smile during her reading of “Little Girl, Big Imagination: By the Tree” Childrens’ Picture Book.

Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.”


BARRIE, ON, CANADA, December 10, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — On December 9th, the Barrie Public Library witnessed an enchanting display of colourful storytelling by local authors and an especially endearing engagement from one of its youngest participants, Banting Memorial Highschool student Andrea Matei, as the teen author took center stage at the Local Author Showcase held at the Painswick Branch. Andrea showcased her Children’s picture books At the Beach and By the Tree, from the series “Little Girl, Big Imagination” and captivated the young audience with her delightful reading of the holiday-themed “Little Girl, Big Imagination: By the Tree.”

Attendees were drawn into the magical world crafted by Andrea as she shared the heartwarming adventures of the cute protagonist with a big imagination, little girl Gabi, through her warm tone and inviting smile. Her connection with the young readers was palpable as she encouraged them to share their best dance moves, perfectly aligning with the vibrant dance theme prevalent throughout her books.

The books, featuring real-life pictures of Andrea’s younger sister, Gabriela Matei, and the whimsical objects of her imagination, coming to life through dance, are beautifully captured by Toronto photographer Ricardo Araújo. These captivating visuals complement Andrea’s storytelling, creating an immersive experience for young readers and making the books more relatable to the readers.

But that’s not all, based on Andrea and Gabriela’s shared love for dance, these books are inspired by their short dance films, accessible for free viewing on YouTube at Little Girl, Big Imagination. The seamless integration of dance and storytelling in both the films and books provides a multi-dimensional experience for children, igniting their creativity and love for movement.

“Little Girl, Big Imagination” series books serve as powerful tools for early literacy development. With easy-to-read text in a repetitive pattern, along with reading and writing lists at the beginning and end, Andrea guides young readers on an engaging journey through the world of imagination, the art of dance and storytelling.

Self-published and available on major platforms like Amazon, Lulu and Barnes & Noble, Andrea’s books are easily accessible for families seeking to foster a love for reading and imagination in their children. Visit Andrea Matei’s Amazon store here.

For further information about Andrea Matei and her captivating projects, including updates and upcoming events, please visit her website at www.andreamatei.com.

About Andrea Matei:

Andrea Matei is a talented teen author and filmmaker known for her “Little Girl, Big Imagination” series. Through her books and short films, she sparks the imaginations of young readers, combining storytelling with a love for dance. Andrea’s passion for early literacy and creative expression inspires children to explore the endless possibilities of their imaginations.

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“Little Girl, Big Imagination: By the Tree” book reading

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