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The New Frontier of Electronic Gaming Dice, Now on Kickstarter

Knucklebone and KnuckleboneMini

The Knucklebone is an electronic dice roller coming to Kickstarter this year. It can be used with almost any board game in place of traditional dice.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA, August 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The future of dice is here with the launch of Knucklebone, an innovative electronic dice device soon available on Kickstarter. Bridging the gap between traditional dice gaming and the digital age, Knucklebone is designed to delight gamers, hobbyists, and tech enthusiasts alike while providing extreme accessibility to diverse audiences.

The Knucklebone is a hand-held device featuring an ePaper display, CherryMX keys, USB-C, RGB LEDs and a modish housing design. The device rolls up to seven dice and clearly displays the output on its display. If desired, the roll can be output over USB-C to various chat systems. It provides a genuine tactile and sensory experience that is often missed in traditional virtual dice gaming environments.

With its true random number generation (TRNG) and cryptographic security, Knucklebone ensures a genuinely random and fair rolling experience. Its compatibility with various off-the-shelf games and adaptability for online play via messaging apps make it a versatile tool for playing with friends, whether around the same table or miles apart.

One of the key features of Knucklebone is its thoughtful design that makes gaming more accessible to individuals of all abilities. The intuitive controls and uncluttered display facilitate ease of use, offering a more inclusive gaming experience for all players. The Knucklebone’s interface allows for people with limited dexterity to fully partake in board games.

“We’ve crafted Knucklebone to bring the joy of dice gaming to a broader audience and environment,” said a lead developer of the product. “From its sleek design to its online play capabilities, Knucklebone offers something exciting for everyone. The Knucklebone expands on the great history of dice!”

The Kickstarter campaign provides backers with a detailed look at Knucklebone’s various modes, design, and the many places where it can be used through engaging videos and tutorials. Built to last, the device uses durable plastics and primary cell batteries, ensuring prolonged enjoyment.

Knucklebone’s pre-launch Kickstarter page is live now and will launch the full campaign in the coming month. To become a backer or learn more, visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/theknucklebone/knucklebone-the-electronic-dice-roller-and-authenticator

The team behind Knucklebone takes pride in quality, personally testing each unit to guarantee excellence. Join them on Kickstarter to be a part of this exciting gaming revolution.

For media inquiries and additional information, please contact Kevin at theknucklebone@gmail.com

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Oxygen Insight, LLC is a dynamic collaboration of engineers, students, and gaming aficionados dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience through innovation and technology. Knucklebone is their first Kickstarter venture aimed at blending tradition with modernity. To learn more, visit www.theknucklebone.com.

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Knucklebone – The Electronic Dice Roller Kickstarter

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