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10/10 Bats Surveyed Prefer These Wind Turbines for Halloween

Bats and Flower Turbines

Bouquet of Wind Tulip Turbines

Bouquet of Wind Tulip Turbines

Clustered Flower Turbines, 5 together, make 228% more power than 5 separately.

This shows how each turbine produces more energy as another turbine is clustered. 5 Flower Turbines together produce 228% more power than 5 separate turbines.

Flower Turbines at Rotterdam Roof Days

Flower Turbines at Rotterdam Roof Days

Wind and Solar E-bike Charging Poles

Wind and Solar E-bike Charging Poles

Flower Turbines’ creature-friendly wind turbines are available for Halloween.

LAWRENCE, NEW YORK, USA, October 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flower Turbines‘ creature-friendly wind turbines are available for Halloween.

In a recent survey, 10/10 bats agreed that they prefer Flower Turbines’ wind turbines for Halloween; this is due to the simple fact that they are visible to bats.

“Easy to avoid their blades.” said Count Dracula in his testimonial.

Birds also enjoy them. https://youtu.be/aQArBB6k7zk shows a wind turbine safe for birds as they avoid it.

For more creature-friendly energy, Flower Turbines offers larger sizes and groups of turbines. Smaller ones can be purchased online at https://www.flowerturbines.com/survivalunit and larger sizes by project by emailing support.us@flowerturbines.com or, in the EU, support.eu@flowerturbines.com

Taxpayers may be able to get up to 30% in tax credits when they purchase and install a qualifying residential or business small wind system, find out more here: https://www.flowerturbines.com/_files/ugd/bd2d84_4aceffee6a7944c6846e9dcaa3f7715a.pdf

Flower Turbines is a US company that has the goal of making small wind as powerful a force in renewable energy as solar by using its multiple patents to create a wind turbine that meets all the needs of urban and suburban environments. It combines aerodynamic and electronic innovations with beautiful design, low noise, and bird friendliness. Unlike other turbines, they make each other perform better when tightly packed together.

Flower Turbines has external validation as a top company:

-Flower Turbines has been awarded the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label, a proof of high standards in profitability and sustainability to protect the environment. Here is a link to the page about Wind Tulips on the Solar Impulse website: https://solarimpulse.com/efficient-solutions/wind-tulips#

– Flower Turbines was a winner of Pepperdine Graziado Business Schools annual Most Fundable Companies in America list. Flower Turbines was judged to be in the top 10 among 4500 startup companies examined.

– Winner of the Dutch government sustainability award for two separate years.

Flower Turbines is raising funds through equity crowdfunding Regulation A at https://www.investflowerturbines.com/.

“We have the ambition to become a major global force in distributed energy,” said CEO Dr. Daniel Farb. “We believe we have the technology and enthusiasm to accomplish it. We are in the right industry at the right time. Incentives for an energy transition in most important areas of the world only add to our scaling up headwinds.”

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If you have a project, we strongly encourage you to describe it to us first: https://forms.gle/FzF8xkKBvXWGFb3E8

For our luxury artistic brand: https://www.flowerpower.vip/

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Disclaimer: Investors should read the Offering Circular (https://alturl.com/wpfpr) and Risks (https://alturl.com/8hrbw) related to this offering before investing. This Reg A+ offering is made available through StartEngine Primary, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC. This investment is speculative, illiquid, and involves a high degree of risk, including the possible loss of the entire investment.

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