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Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi Recaps the Love Heals Retreat

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi is excited to announce the completion of a successful Love Heals Retreat at the Sedona Mago Center in mid-February.

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi is excited to recap a very successful Love Heals Retreat held from February 14-18 at the Sedona Mago Center in Sedona, Arizona.

More than 30 participants came to the retreat, where they met with Ilchibuko Todd, an internationally recognized speaker and spiritual teacher featured in the documentary film Love Heals. Those who attended awakened new hope and power through practices such as Qigong, meditation, and Brain Education — which is a five-step mindfulness training system designed to develop the brain’s natural ability to achieve health, happiness, and peace.

Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi says that all people have the ability to create a happy life with intention and confidence. Everyone has the power to tap into their deep awareness and release negative thought patterns and habits that don’t serve their highest good.

Yet, some people may have trouble accomplishing this for a variety of reasons.

Individuals may become attached to their hardships and associated stress and trauma when life gets tough. Some people may feel disconnected from themselves and their hearts and, instead, try to reconcile emotions and memories with logic alone. Others may experience thoughts, emotions, and physical habits as overpowering and inseparable from a sense of self.

The Love Heals Retreat is a five-day workshop that’s held on-site at the Sedona Mago Center for Well-being and Retreat. Attendees embrace Sedona’s natural beauty and energy during the program.

This exquisite background allows people to connect their energy directly to nature’s energy and use it to mindfully reflect, heal, nurture, reconcile, recharge, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, and love themselves.

The core of the workshop revolves around the “Water Up Fire Down” philosophy — a 10,000-year-old ancient East Asian energy principle that unlocks the limitless potential of human wellbeing. Following this principle, people are able to activate their natural energy healing of body, mind, and spirit.

The Love Heals retreat is based on the group transformational experience that’s featured in the documentary Love Heals. The documentary follows Dana, who suffers from chronic pain, as she searches for different ways to heal. The film first aired on PBS in the fall of 2023.

Some of the activities that participants experienced included meditation and Qigong at the Healing Garden, sunlight meditation at Mission Place, waterfall meditation at Senya Falls, sound healing, daily journaling, a visit to Sedona Mago Castle, and much more.

There are more Love Heals Retreats that Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi will be hosting at the Sedona Mago Center. For more information on the Love Heals Retreat, please visit info.bodynbrain.com/lhr.

About Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi

Body & Brain offers yoga, tai chi, and a wide variety of mind-body practices online and in-studio for holistic fitness and energy healing. Founder Ilchi Lee began sharing his transformative principles with a single stroke patient forty years ago. His audience grew, and his principles became known as Brain Education. Today, this curriculum is practiced in 80 Body & Brain locations nationwide and at a variety of educational, wellness, and non-profit organizations around the world.

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