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First Independent True Crime TV Series & App

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Sword & Scale has developed the first independent true crime TV series and app, combining a social platform with an independent television network.

One of the most singular, visceral shows around.”

— Rolling Stone Magazine

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ —
Sword & Scale – Incongruity Productions

Mike Boudet & Ash Patiño
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First Independent True Crime Series and App.

“Sword & Scale”

In 2013 true crime host Mike Boudet launched the podcast Sword & Scale. The result was “One of the most singular, visceral, podcasts in existence” -Rolling Stone Magazine. Reaching the top of the charts while continuing to be told with an edgy and unapologetic delivery style.

Ten years later Sword & Scale will bring this podcast to life in a new television series. Bringing fans the first independent true crime television series and app. Using original audio, including 911 tapes, news clips, interviews from people who were there and those that knew the victims. Sword & Scale is now in their homes, on their doorsteps, in their police stations, combing through their autopsy photos, and is challenging the fans to stand in the victim’s shoes.

Sword & Scale is an independent app that can be downloaded directly from the app store. You can also sign up at www.SwordandScale.com and go to the tab “JOIN +PLUS” to join.

This app has a unique approach of combining a social platform where viewers can comment on the shows in real time, locate other fans of the episodes, chat back and forth with other watchers, and keep track of the episodes that have been consumed. This is the next advancement in how true crime viewers will consume content.

To see the team behind this new creation check out “The Making Of…” short documentary www.SwordandScale.com. The first episode airs on 4.1.24.


If interested in scheduling an interview with Mike or one of the crew:

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