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Get a sneak peak of Fan2Stage 2.0

Version 1 of Fan2Stage

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Fan2Stage Mobile Fan Screen shot from Version 2

Version 2 Beta

Fan2Stage Ltd. has posted videos showing what the new version will look like.

The studio was upgraded to allow live streaming, this way the fans were still part of a live show”

— Scott Bourquin – Host Cool Toys TV

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Like all software applications for mobile devices, Fan2Stage is getting an upgrade. They recently sent out a call for artists and entertainers to join the beta program for the new version. Now they have released some internal test videos to show you what it is going to look like.

While filming CoolToys TV without a live audience, host Scott Bourquin decided it was time to go live. “The studio was upgraded to allow live streaming, this way the fans were still part of a live show” he said. Unfortunately as a lot of comedians and talk show hosts figured out, not having fans in the audience pretty much kills the show. Fan reactions are part of the show and build the energy of the hosts. A couple of NFL teams were fined for piping in fake fan reactions to try and get more out of the players.

After the second episode of live streaming, Scott started working on Fan2Stage. At the same time another company was working on the same problem from a different angle. They tried to use actual audience sounds from everyones mobile phone microphone. that was a technical nightmare, never mind the hecklers. In a live show if someone is a problem child ruining the show for everyone security would escort them out. With just fifty fans, someone would have to listen to every input to figure out who the heckler was. Think of it like the Audio version of the no pants guys that were hacking into virtual classrooms.

Scott figured with Fan2Stage he could have real fan feedback but not have the risks of someone trying to hijack the show. After a full season of testing version one was released but due to latency limitations with live streaming, it wasn’t as good as he had hoped. It took nearly two years to get past the live streaming problems and work with live stream platforms to reduce latency. It doesn’t help to laugh at a joke 90 seconds later.

With the latency problems pretty much solved Scott and the Fan2Stage team went back to the users and asked how to make it better. The list surprised them, and they got to work. The first big update is version 2 approaching beta testing now and expected to be available for the Fall streaming season. With new features and a faster interface, Fan2Stage is trying to keep everyone connected in a disconnected world.

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Video demo of the Fan2Stage v2 Beta.

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