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Lynette LeBlanc of Plantific to be Featured on Close Up Radio

MONCTON, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA, April 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In order to achieve optimal health, we need to keep our mind and body in balance and harmony. As patients, we are too submissive relinquishing control to health care professionals who approach illness with drugs, surgery, and chemotherapy. Although Western medicine can reduce blood pressure, treat heart disease, or temporarily get rid of our aches and pains, ultimately, we don’t feel one hundred percent. But thanks to the empowering work of certain individuals there has been a monumental shift toward alternative ways to heal that treats us as whole individuals mind, body, and spirit. Alternative medicine is becoming more mainstream and these highly trained professionals are analyzing the root cause of our ailments and treating the whole person in order to help us live our very best lives.

Lynette LeBlanc is a Naturopath, NLP Practitioner, Master Aromatherapist, Clinical Hypnotist, Life Coach, and the founder and shareholder of Plantific. She has an Honors Degree in Physical Fitness & Nutrition and has proven her success as a Marketing Director and Business Manager. She also formulates products like skincare and vitamins for the greater good of mankind.

“My primary objective is assisting individuals that aides their bodies in the healing process to recover from diseases, stress, and trauma. For that reason, wellness encompasses everything I do to inspire you to embrace a happier, healthier, more productive lifestyle where your mind, body, and soul are aligned. I accomplish all this by teaching a variety of healing modalities including a strong emphasis on meditation and encouraging you to gratitude journal What are you grateful for in your life every day. I wanted to create awareness.

Prior to becoming a naturopath, Lynette endured her own personal difficulties and setbacks when in her mid-twenties when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Aware that medical doctors lacked the capability to help her recover, she began researching alternative ways to heal herself which led her to discover the miraculous healing of Folic acid which helps the body to attain a state of homeostasis. Part of the green plant, folic acid is in most vitamins but according to Lynette, in order to be effective in obliterating cancer we would need 10 milligrams a day or to eat a tremendous amount of spinach and broccoli which would of course be impossible. Most multiple vitamins folic acid only contain a micro gram! Taking the required amount absolutely worked for Lynette and to the shock of her doctors her cancer was gone for good! Today, Lynette is proud, thriving cancer survivor. As a result, she encourages us to also be proactive in being in the best of health. In fact, since most vitamins do not contain enough folic acid Lynette was inspired to create her own multi vitamin, vegan, and currently manufactured in Canada. Although in the future, it will be manufactured in the United States.

Lynette reaffirms that by looking beyond Western medicine is the only reason she is a “medical miracle.” Currently she works with a team of doctors for certain issues she has such as a herniated disc suffered after a devastating fall. It led her to study other wonderful modalities and she feels it’s a gift to have access to this power through the many miraculous holistic modalities that exist today. Lynette practices and teaches meditation, gratitude, is a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotist, and a fitness and nutritious expert.

Married, living with two precious fur babies Lynette also urges us to live in a high vibrational level and shifting our mindset to more positive thoughts and she does this on a daily basis.

She says in order to receive wealth we need to continually practice gratitude and change our mindset and this has kept her living abundantly for years. Moreover, she gives us the tools so we can learn how to heal ourselves creating a ripple effect for a more compassionate, sustainable world.

“I’m healthy wealthy, and wise and it keeps coming because I keep projecting it. We create everything in our lives if we “think,” it we “live” it. We must stay guided by our own intuition and trust our inner voice. I live in the moment, I live for today and I look forward to tomorrow and I want that for the entire planet.”

Close Up Radio will feature Lynette LeBlanc in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Tuesday April 11th at 12pm EST

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