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Quintana Roo Takes Center Stage at FITUR 2024


CANCUN , QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO , January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Located on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, the State of Quintana Roo participates in the 2024 International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain. This event provides an ideal platform for the Mexican Caribbean to share the reasons for its distinction as an extraordinary tourism destination. From enchanting beaches to a deeply rooted cultural heritage, the state aims to enlighten visitors, encouraging them to explore a corner of the world where nature and history blend seamlessly to create a truly unique experience.

With more than 50,000 km² and its 12 destinations, including the city of Cancún, Cozumel Island, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Bacalar, Holbox, and Tulum, the delegation from the state led by Governor Mara Lezama, Secretary of Tourism Bernardo Cueto, and the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council headed by its director Andrés Martínez is present at this important event to share with its attendees the entire tourism portfolio and the advantages it offers to attract visitors from all continents.

“The new advertisement of the Mexican Caribbean will be based on four key points: first, it will be focused on global positioning, aimed towards the markets related to tourists, which will incentivize connectivity; second, we will implement creative strategic campaigns through artificial intelligence and new models; third, we will execute a constant and articulated advertisement of the 12 destinies in the Mexican Caribbean in Quintana Roo; fourth, we will do a strategic training for the tourism industry to strengthen and enforce our message from every corner of the Mexican Caribbean. This new advertisement plan begins within FITUE 2024,” said Andrés Martínez, Director of the Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council.

The Spanish tourism market in Quintana Roo:

*After the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish market has achieved a full recovery, with the arrival of 181,5k Spanish tourists to the state, a statistic that resembles the numbers reached in 2019, when 180,2k visitors were registered.

*Of the total number of Spanish passengers who traveled to Mexico in 2023, amounting to 366,076, 49% of them, equivalent to 181,472 individuals, chose Quintana Roo as their leading destination.

*July and August emerge as the months with the most attraction for the Spanish market in Quintana Roo, summer being the season with the most significant inflow. In contrast, May and September were the months with the least affluence.

*A Spanish visitor generally travels with a partner, enjoying an average holiday of 9.5 days, where the main goal is to rest. These tourists usually take tours and feel particularly attracted to archaeological relics, just like exploring natural wells and caverns.

*The average spending goes up to USD 1,409, highlighted by their preference for electronic transactions. In this sense, 30% of the shopping is done through airline websites, 24% is done through hotel websites, and 23% is done online through travel media agencies.

Hotel Chains:

*Spanish hotel chains play a significant role, contributing to approximately one-third of the state’s hotel supply, representing 31.5% with 95 hotels and 41,009 rooms. National chains follow in second place, with an 18.8% share of 94 hotels and 24,404 rooms. American chains rank third, holding a 15.5% share, with 63 hotels and 20,198 rooms.

The European market in Quintana Roo:

*Of the total international passengers who traveled to Quintana Roo in 2023 (9.7 million), 15.11% came from Europe, indicating a 142.05% growth compared to the previous year. Of the European continent travelers visiting Mexico (2.3 million), 62.85% chose Quintana Roo as their preferred destination.

*In 2023, January, February, July, and August witnessed the highest influx of European tourists to Quintana Roo, with an average of 129,700 monthly visitors during these four months.

*In 2023, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Germany collectively contributed nearly 9% to the state’s international tourism market share. Additionally, the airplane seat availability (ASA) for the European market was as follows:

-France saw a 15.6% increase, with 127,100 available airplane seats.

-Spain reported a 4.8% increase compared to 2022, welcoming 194,600 available airplane seats during 2023.

-Germany experienced a -4.7% decrease compared to the previous year, with 149,300 ASA.

-United Kingdom had a -14.6% decrease compared to 2022, totaling 453,888 ASA.

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