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Yomi Robotic System Takes Dentistry to the Next Level

This cutting-edge technology takes implant surgeries to new heights, enabling us to achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy”

— Dr. Tatiana Herzog

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, May 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Implant Center of Miami is thrilled to announce the integration of the state-of-the-art Yomi robotic system into their practice, revolutionizing the field of implant surgery. With this cutting-edge technology, the Implant Center of Miami aims to enhance precision, improve patient outcomes, and set new standards in the realm of robot-assisted implant surgeries.

The Yomi robot, developed by leading medical robotics company Neocis, is a groundbreaking system specifically designed for dental implant procedures. It combines the expertise and skill of the surgical team with robotic assistance, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in complex implant surgeries.

Traditional dental implant procedures require a high level of skill and precision, as they involve delicate maneuvers in close proximity to vital anatomical structures. By employing the Yomi robot, the Implant Center of Miami can now provide their patients with enhanced levels of safety and precision throughout their implant journey.

The Yomi robot acts as a surgical assistant, providing real-time feedback and guidance to the surgeon during the procedure. Its advanced haptic technology allows for gentle and controlled movements, reducing the risk of errors and complications. The surgeon retains full control and makes all the critical decisions while benefiting from the robot’s assistance, leading to optimal outcomes for patients.

“We are excited to introduce the Yomi robot to our patients,” said Dr. Tatiana Herzog, owner and founder of Implant Center of Miami. “This cutting-edge technology takes implant surgeries to new heights, enabling us to achieve unparalleled precision and accuracy. With the Yomi robot, we can offer our patients the most advanced and personalized care available.”

The advantages of the Yomi robot extend beyond the operating room. Patients can experience improved outcomes, including reduced postoperative discomfort, faster recovery times, and enhanced aesthetics. The robot-assisted approach allows for minimally invasive procedures, minimizing tissue trauma, and maximizing patient comfort.

As a leader in implant dentistry, the Implant Center of Miami remains committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field. By harnessing the power of the Yomi robot, they reinforce their dedication to delivering exceptional care and providing patients with the latest innovations in implant surgery.

For more information about the Implant Center of Miami and their utilization of the Yomi robot in robot-assisted implant surgeries, please watch our video on YouTube, visit www.implantcenterofmiami.com or call (786) 713-9290.

About the Implant Center of Miami:

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Tatiana Herzog, Implant Center Of Miami provides the highest level of service for dental implants, veneers, crowns, Invisalign®, and emergency dental services. We offer high-quality implants at half the price with advanced technology in a stunning office setting with locations in Bay Harbor, Coral Gables, Coral Springs, Sunrise, Hialeah and Pompano Beach.

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