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Japanese name creation service ‘Japanish Naming’ Service launched

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ICN Japan Ltd has launched an online service called “Japanish Naming” (https://japanmania.tokyo/) to create Japanese names for foreigners.

SETAGAYA, TOKYO, JAPAN, April 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — ‘Japanish Naming’ targets foreigners interested in Japanese anime and manga, which are immensely popular abroad, Japanese food, traditional Japanese sports such as judo and karate, Japanese textiles and metalware, flower arrangement and tea ceremony, as well as the language itself.

The service has been launched in two languages, English and Japanese, with plans to offer services in other languages in the future.

Apparel and other products incorporating kanji and katakana characters in their designs have long been popular abroad, but recently Japanese hanko(stamp) seals have been attracting a lot of attention. As a result, there are many free services on the internet that automatically generate Japanese names, but our service stands apart from them. In other words, ‘Japanish Naming’ creates names one by one, tailor-made to suit one’s needs and applications.

Our naming masters are native Japanese speakers who have lived abroad and have extensive experience in creating company, product, shop, and brand names, not to mention naming their own children and partner animals.

For personal use we have prepared six products as follows:

Product 【Name in Japanese

1.Create a Japanese name from the pronunciation of one’s own name.

2.Create a Japanese name using kanji characters with the meaning desired by the customers.

3.Create a Japanese name after favorite anime, manga, a Japanese actor or celebrity.

4.Create a Japanese name for pets and partner animals.

5.Create a Japanese name for teams or gatherings.

6.Create a Japanese name for other things (e.g. Japanese ceramics, Japanese gardens, etc.).

* Above naming products are all created in kanji, hiragana, and katakana. They will then be accompanied by a naming certificate, a name description and two types of digital hanko(stamp) seals.

For commercial naming, our research and branding experts and designers will start with a consultation and create a product name, shop name, etc. using Japanese characters in line with the requirements of the respective company.

Japanese anime and manga are becoming increasingly popular abroad thanks to ‘Ghibli works’ and ‘Demon Slayer’. And the inbound market is becoming more vibrant as corona policies are being relaxed in many countries. By launching this service at such a time, we hope that the relationship between ‘Japanish Naming’ users and Japan will become deeper, and that human exchange and communication, which has been diluted by the Corona disaster, will become more active.

Outline of new service

Date of launch: 3rd April 2023

Sales website: https://japanmania.tokyo/

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