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Middle East Video Gaming Market set to hit $85.8 Billion

The Middle East gaming market is set to hit $85.8 billion in the next 2 to 3 years, with experts citing this as a trend set to continue for the foreseeable.

DOHA, QATAR, September 5, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The Middle East gaming market is set to hit $85.8 billion in the next 2 to 3 years. That’s according to recent video gaming statistics for the region. The same report also highlights the popularity of various consoles in the Middle East.

Experts at uBuy believe the Middle East is a thriving marketplace for gaming, commenting:

“Industry analysts forecast the gaming industry in the Middle East to grow to over $85 billion within 3 years. That’s astronomical growth. But we think that what’s exciting about the gaming industry here (and globally) is the fact that there are so many brands competing and so much emerging technology. This is bringing a better gaming experience for everyone.”

In terms of what they anticipate the most exciting developments will be, the spokesperson added:

“Virtual reality is exciting. Our analysis shows that, globally, over 6.7 million searches were made in Google last year for “VR headsets,” with the Oculus Rift and then Oculus Quest the most in demand. We’re seeing increasing demand for VR headsets too.

VR is being adopted by all the major gaming companies and it’s opening up incredibly exciting avenues for immersive and educational gaming experiences.

But let’s not forget how much of the market is made up of mobile gaming. What our phones are capable of improves all the time. And it’s now feasible to have a gaming experience in your pocket that’s technically as advanced as some consoles on the market. There’s huge potential here for game developers.

In all, this is a really exciting time for the gaming industry. And the recent industry reports highlight how seriously we think that all gaming brands should be taking the Middle East market. It’s not far behind the other major markets and adoption is phenomenal.”

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