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Nacho Shack’s ‘Havelock on Lock’ Program Sparks Youth Excellence in Havelock and New Bern

Havelock High School vs New Bern High School

Nacho Shack’s ‘Havelock on Lock’ rewards Havelock High achievers with free nachos on victory, while extending the camaraderie to New Bern High.

HAVELOCK, NC, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Nacho Shack, the beloved community eatery known for its delectable nachos and vibrant atmosphere, is thrilled to introduce an innovative initiative aimed at fostering the spirit of excellence and achievement among the youth of Havelock. The “Havelock on Lock” program, a brainchild of Nacho Shack owner Damon Ebanks, promises to uplift and motivate young individuals to strive for greatness in all their endeavors.

With a strong commitment to the community’s growth and success, Nacho Shack is stepping up to make a meaningful impact. The “Havelock on Lock” program will recognize and reward the achievements of young achievers, ranging from sports enthusiasts to musicians and more. The VIP card, an emblem of honor, will be distributed by dedicated coaches and staff to exceptional individuals on sports teams, including athletes, cheerleaders, and band members from Havelock High School.

Nacho Shack believes in celebrating victories together, and that’s why every victorious game by a Havelock High School team will unlock a delicious treat. All VIP cardholders will be entitled to savor the taste of victory with a complimentary serving of Nacho Shack’s signature nachos. This exciting incentive is not only a gesture of appreciation but also a rallying call for the entire Havelock community to unite and strive for triumph.

However, the Nacho Shack’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at hometown loyalty. The “Havelock on Lock” program holds a spirited twist—Nacho Shack will graciously extend the olive branch to New Bern High School as well. In the unlikely event of a Havelock defeat, New Bern High School players and cheerleaders will also be in for a flavorful treat at Nacho Shack. It’s a friendly competition that brings out the best in both teams and keeps the excitement alive.

Damon Ebanks, the visionary behind Nacho Shack, urges coaches to partake in this electrifying movement. Any coach passionate about nurturing and rewarding their players’ commitment can join hands with Nacho Shack. Damon Ebanks himself will supply the VIP cards, empowering coaches to recognize and inspire their young protégés, whether on the football field or in other sports like pop warner teams.

“The ‘Havelock on Lock’ program encapsulates our unwavering dedication to excellence,” says Damon Ebanks, owner of Nacho Shack. “We want every young person in Havelock to feel motivated, appreciated, and inspired to achieve greatness. Through this program, we aim to create a ripple effect of success that not only benefits individuals but also uplifts the entire community.”

As the Nacho Shack embraces this journey, it reaffirms its commitment to fostering a culture of accomplishment and unity. The “Havelock on Lock” program embodies the very essence of Nacho Shack’s philosophy—to create not just great nachos but a great community.

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