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Compassionate Doctor and Cancer Resource Dr. Annette Richard to be Featured on Close Up Radio

LONDON, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Annette Richard is one of the most vibrant, caring, and humanistic doctors you could ever meet, in fact she doesn’t even want to be called Dr. Richard, or Doctor Annette, but simply Annette.

This healer, health coach, and breast cancer expert has many facets to her knowledge and training. She first realized she had a future as a healer at the age of 17 when Annette, who was backpacking in Europe, arrived at the scene of a tragic multi-car accident and felt most interested and concerned, yet helpless. Young Annette vowed to become a doctor and to be able to manage all later medical crises with skill and assurance.

Annette has handled further crises since, with patients whose diagnoses range from general ailments to obesity and diabetes, to breast cancer. The latter has become a specialty for her, and she helps patients understand what is going on and better cope with it by answering questions, moderating support groups (online during COVID) and doing podcasts. Anette also authored a book about the cancer battle “There is some thing I Need to get off my Chest” that is a mix of case studies and discussions of frequent questions –so a newly diagnosed woman would have answers at her fingertips when she awoke nervous in the middle of the night.

Annette is as forward thinking as she is compassionate and has invested in courses and technology that enhance her ability to deliver care. One such certification/equipment is in POCUS, a point of care ultrasound product that enables her to do scans with a laptop and show patients just what is happening on an extra-large smartboard. This technology has the precise capabilities as that used in hospitals. Her SonoSite PX is considered The Cadillac of ultrasound machines. Another upcoming certification will be as a health coach, and Annette has been studying the methods of Mary Morrisey, who has spiritual roots and runs a coaching business known as Life Mastery. She is also launching a new Palliative Care podcast in collaboration with another provider named Claire.

In addition to her commitment to learn and advance, Annette is recognized for her total compassion.

“I believe it is my job to bear witness to suffering. There are some things I can’t change, such as to stave off death. But I can try and understand things through someone else’s lens. I am privileged to see what people go through and realize just how strong and resilient they really are.”

Learn more about this wonderful doctor’s thoughts, holistic approach, and intimate knowledge of medicine and cancer when you listen to her upcoming radio show.

Close Up Radio will feature Dr. Annette Richard in interviews on Mondays at 1:00 pm, with Jim Masters on August 21 and Doug Llewelyn on August 28

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Learn more about Dr. Annette Richard by visiting her website https://www.drariachard.ca

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