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New Mini-Game from Vireye Studio

Bouncing Hamsters: Hamsta Dodger – The Latest Addition to the HamstaParty Universe!

KYIV, UKRAINE, November 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Vireye, the Ukrainian game development studio behind HamstaParty, is announcing the launch of their second mini-game, “Hamsta Dodger”, available now on Google Play.

Four adorable hamsters find themselves on a perilous circular stage, each perched atop their bouncing balls. Their mission is to bump and bounce their way to victory, knocking their furry opponents off the stage.

At the heart of “Hamsta Dodger” are its endearing hamster characters, fully customizable with a range of hilarious skins. Each hamster exhibits a maniacal desire to collect, defying logic and common sense in the pursuit of victory.

“Hamsta Dodger” is part of the HamstaParty universe, offering a variety of multiplayer mini-games and constantly evolving gameplay experiences, and is known for its simplicity and fairness. Each match lasts no more than 90 seconds, and all game mechanics are easy to grasp. The innovative prize distribution system ensures that every player has an equal chance to emerge victorious.

The core message of the game is “Fun and Win”, emphasizing the importance of enjoying every moment of life and gaining benefits at the same time.

Vitalii Korshunov, CEO of Vireye Studio, stated, “We, the Vireye team, created HamstaParty to bring smiles and positive emotions to the world, reminding everyone that joy and merriment are gifts that can be received even in the most challenging moments. Our mission goes beyond just a slogan – Fun & Win; it is embedded in every aspect of HamstaParty, reminding players of the importance of Fun and Win in life.”

Additional Resources:

Game Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1BMQIIdsxU

Game Website: https://hamsta.vireye.com/

Download on Google Play: https://bit.ly/3LDXf58


Vireye is a Ukrainian game development studio that has united more than 50 talented developers, part of whom worked on Gardenscapes, Words With Friends, Family Zoo: The Story, and Brain it on the truck! Their mission is to develop the gaming industry and provide players with unique and unforgettable gameplay experiences, competing with console and PC games.

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